The Stupid Party Is At It Again: Ensuring a Democrat Victory in 2016

Cartoon_RINOsDonald Trump?  Another Bush?  That fat slob from New Jersey?  The Senate’s faux rebel?  An obligatory woman and black person, of course.  But Donald Trump?!?

The current support for Trump should, but won’t, tell the GOP that the American electorate are tired of their deceit and lies, saying what we want to hear in order to get elected, then acting just like liberal Democrats once in office.  That’s why the outspoken Trump has gained favor; he’s the “anybody else” choice over the usual suspects of political hacks and career politicians trying to re-invent themselves in order to gain the big prize.

Trump is no more a conservative than he is a liberal; he’s simply the same self-centered egomaniac we’ve seen for the past several decades, only now applying his arrogance and money to the political realm.  Ordinarily he would be laughed off, but because those who normally vote Republican are so disgusted with the Party establishment’s candidates, and the shameless media’s opportunism, his campaign has gained traction.

Ted Cruz 2016


Let me say this about Trump being a “political outsider” – First, the last three outsiders elected to the White House are Jimmy Carter, previously the worst president in history; Bill Clinton, the host body for the Hildebeast; and Barack Obama, the new worst president in history.  Now, that doesn’t mean an outsider shouldn’t be considered…but we should consider very hard when it comes to someone whose real beliefs are not well known.  Trump seems to be changing his beliefs with his underwear and socks (i.e., daily) in order to maintain his current momentum, and hasn’t been exactly consistent over time on several issues.

But more importantly, when will the American people wake up to the fact that the GOP cares about the GOP, and doesn’t give a damn about the American people, the Constitution or the nation?  They have been banished to the wasteland of the minority party repeatedly, and in response they seem to have changed their ways, promising all manner of conservative sounding policies and positions only to, once restored as majority party, do absolutely none of those things.  It happened with Newt Gingrich’s “contract with America,” and it’s happened again with this latest Congress.  From the legislation passed recently, you’d swear the Democrats maintained control of both houses of Congress!!

It seems the American people are finally fed up with the lies and empty promises from the Republicans.  So when a maverick like Trump comes along and says less-than-complimentary things about that malignant little dwarf McCain, it’s welcomed as a breath of fresh air.  And when he not only didn’t apologize – like every politician of whatever stripe does anytime any cockroach can be found who was “offended” by what he/she said – but actually doubled down on his comments, many Americans were tickled to death.  At last, they think, a man who simply says what he thinks and believes and doesn’t later try to qualify it in order to avoid controversy or losing votes.  Hey, I can relate; wouldn’t it be great for any candidate to state his/her beliefs and positions clearly and simply, and to say “Vote for someone else if you don’t agree with me”?  Instead, they all hedge their bets and try to be everything for everyone, and as a result they’re nothing for nobody.   (“Nothing for Nobody”…now there’s a GOP campaign slogan that’s actually true.)

That’s Trump’s sole appeal, but as clownish as he is, it’s what the American voter is starved for: a genuine person who holds to personal beliefs that are not negotiable in the political marketplace; someone who will hold to those beliefs even when the left-leaning media do their inevitable hatchet job on anything not essentially socialist, humanist (i.e., anti-God) and collectivist.  Will people actually vote for him?  Maybe; such is the feeling of disenfranchisement as the result of the GOP’s on-going spinelessness and deceit.  I don’t think so, but maybe.

But if the public cools on Trump, what are we left with?  Another Bush?  Good grief, how about a box on the ballot that says “Anybody whose name isn’t Kennedy, Bush or Clinton,” for pete’s sake!  In Europe, royalty is due to family name; why in hell do we insist on electing our own royal families…especially given their track record?

Here’s a ticket I could support, and actually be excited about: Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy.  Although I think Gowdy would be more beneficial to this nation as Speaker of the House, the reality is that the GOP establishment is never going to put him in that position.  If he decided to remain in Congress, then how about Sarah Palin as VP nominee.  Or even Col. Allen West.

But we know, of course, that the GOP will not nominate such a ticket.  Which is why, when the GOP savaged Sarah Palin back in 2008, conservative voters should have flocked to the Tea Party in droves.  Yes, I know a third party vote will ensure a Democrat victory, and that even a serious third party threat will take at least two or three election cycles to actually have a real chance at election.  But if Palin had run as a Tea Party candidate in 2008, then either she or another strong candidate in 2012, there’s be a real chance at a Tea Party victory in 2016.  As it is, it will simply be another episode of the Stupid Party establishment trotting out someone who can’t win, even if Hillary doesn’t get the Democrat nomination.

Nothing is going to make the GOP establishment (McConnell, Boehner, et al) support a Cruz, Gowdy, Scott Walker or Palin, because they fear them more than they fear the Democrats.  Heck, they can and do deal with the Democrats, for they’re of the same ilk.  But they recognize that their power within the Party is threatened more by truly conservative people than by the Democrats, for even if Democrats win, the established, career politicians in the GOP maintain their control and power.

Palin has all but disappeared, and I seriously doubt she’d even consider a place on a GOP ticket, considering their brutal attacks on her in 2008.  But Cruz and Gowdy are trying to work from within the GOP, and from what I’ve seen, they each have more integrity and character than the rest of the candidates, either party, combined.  Which is probably why they haven’t a chance at being nominated.  Ponder that fact, Americans, before you once again “settle” to vote for another McCain, Bush or whatever faithful hack the GOP decides to offer up.

In the 60s we used to laugh about the Soviet Union “elections,” because there was no real opposition candidate for the Russian people, only acceptable Communist Party minions.  It’s not so funny now that we’re part of the same charade.

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  • Janet Bosley

    Trump is a Democrat running on a Republican ticket and using ideals he hi-jacked from Santorum.

  • Aaron Gray

    Very thoughtful and informed piece. Thanks for this.