The Rising Storm of Anti-Semitism

April 15th this year was not just the day to pay our taxes to an all-powerful and intrusive government.

No, this year April 15th marked Holocaust Remembrance Day which should remind us of the horrors perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its European allies against the stateless and hapless Jews a mere 70 years ago. It is no accident to reflect upon the name of the largest Jewish cemetery in the world: It is called: Europe.

Before the Second World War, there were some 18 million Jews. After the war, and the defeat of Germany, there were only 12 million remaining. The six million who perished soaked the benighted soil of Europe with their blood and filled the skies with their ashes.

But these were the Jewish victims of the 20th century. For nearly two millennia - before that bloodiest of all centuries unleashed its barbarism and infernal hate upon the Jewish people - millions more had died and suffered cruel martyrdom at the hands of the medieval Church and the European temporal powers.

Before the Nazis, let us remember the persecutions, expulsions, pogroms, forced conversions and endless oppression and misery heaped upon the defenseless and powerless Jewish communities scattered throughout Europe. Yet the continued existence of the Jews throughout the most terrible and persistent persecutions any people have had to endure remains one of the greatest of all miracles.

We often call the horrors inflicted upon the Jewish people and faith by its nineteenth century term: anti-Semitism. But it is a poison within humanity, a persistent virus that remains impervious to eradication. Simply put, it is Jew hatred. And so it has erupted again throughout Europe and mirrors in its perversions and mindless violence the stark memories of the Third Reich.

France, la belle France, has given us great literature and wondrous music. But that nation also gave us the notorious 19th century Dreyfus Affair.

It was the same nation which under the Vichy regime happily rounded up its Jewish citizens and sent them to the German death camps; the same nation which saw cart loads of the Jewish Talmud brought to be burned in 12th century Paris. That same nation is now submerged under a vast influx of Muslim immigrants who spew Jew hatred learned by rote from the Koran and the Hadith.

Yet so many Frenchmen and women joined them in an orgy of utter hate against the embattled but reconstituted Jewish homeland: Israel. That ugly spectacle contained within it the old, old virus: Jew hatred.

What passed in the streets of Paris, as mobs of Muslims and European fellow travelers despoiled and defaced humanity, was to be expected. After all, the Muslim thugs are terminally corroded by their ideology wrapped in a religion (to quote Winston Churchill) and not until they jettison their adherence to Islam will they be free from it. The non-Muslims who attack Israel and the Jews are, however, the useful idiots who have drunk the Kool Aid, which is the relentless Arab propaganda war against the Jewish state.

George Orwell wrote in his novel, 1984, how the Ministry of Truth proclaimed: Knowledge is Ignorance; Freedom is Slavery. Here were the Muslim and European drones running through the streets of Paris like laboratory conditioned rats in some infernal experiment. They were devoid of knowledge while plumbing new depths of self-inflicted slavery of the mind.

The hypocrisy of the shrieking anti-Jewish and anti-Israel mobs in Paris was apparent for all to see and hear when we consider that last week, the Syrian regime dropped barrel bombs and destroyed what was known as the Palestine hospital in Yarmouk, a southern suburb of Damascus, which is populated primarily by Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

Hundreds were killed and injured. As one Yarmouk resident said: “They slaughtered them in the streets.” No, this was not in Gaza.

Now compare this massacre in Syria in the last few weeks with the streets of Paris and other parts of Europe and Britain in 2014. Then, there were the false stories of a “massacre in Gaza.” The Hamas propagandists filled Facebook feeds with pictures of dead children, most of whom were not even in Gaza and some were later seen getting off their stretchers and walking away. We call these Palestinian manufactured movies, the productions of Pallywood.

In Syria there are real massacres of Palestinian Arabs. But where are the Muslim mobs now and their European useful idiots? Where are the drones chanting in the streets of Paris and Europe? Where are the thousands of tweets we saw in 2014? Where are the rallies, the strident screams? They don’t exist because Israel was not involved, which reveals the utter hypocrisy and malevolence behind the execrable anti-Jewish and anti-Israel campaigns.

Shelley Neese, who is Vice President of a Christian Zionist website called, The Jerusalem Connection, has produced a remarkable music video about the rise in France and throughout Europe and Britain of anti-Jewish prejudice and bigotry. She compares it to the horrors of seventy years ago. She also warns the French Jewish community that time is short and their future lies in the ancestral and biblical Jewish homeland: Israel.

She has been assisted by Andrew McKain who is a talented musician and rapper whose hard-hitting lyrics should particularly appeal to young people who so desperately need to learn of what the past has produced and what the present may foretell.

They should know how the totalitarian movements, which were defeated in the 20th century, have mutated and how the Islamo-Nazis and today’s far left are making common cause to the same end as their predecessors – the destruction of the Jews and of freedom worldwide.

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