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The ‘Mountain of Evidence’ For Evolution

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evolutionEvolutionists want everyone to believe their idea is a fact. Evolutionists cultivate a perception that there is a “mountain of evidence” that is monolithic, that proves beyond any doubt that evolution is a fact.

The reality is much, much different.

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of “evidence” for evolution is nothing more than assumption and interpretation.

In most cases, the guesses and interpretations of the evidence for evolution can actually be interpreted another way, and usually fits better in a creationist framework.

Of course, it helps to maintain that facade of “fact” if the academic, scientific and media community continues the con that anything associated with evolution doctrine is “scientific” and anything associated with creation or intelligent design is “superstition.”

Actually, evolution doctrine is no more scientific than creationism. Neither creationists nor evolutionists were around when the universe and the earth formed, or when life of any kind first began, or when the lands and oceans took on their current form. Both creationists and evolutionists must attempt to interpret the available evidence and make a guess as to what actually happened.

In fact, evolution, materialism and naturalism are LESS scientific than creationism.

You see, empirical science has told us certain things: matter does not come into existence from nothing, life does not spring into existence from lifeless materials, matter does not spontaneously organize itself into more organized, complex and functional forms, and one organism does not spontaneously give rise to another type of organism.

This means that all the major tenets required for evolution to be true are IMPOSSIBLE scientifically.

Yet in the framework of creation science, all of these things are possible because creation science assumes a supernatural intelligence and power which operates beyond and independent of the laws of science of our universe, and that supernatural intelligence is capable of carrying out all the things which are impossible according to the laws of science.

Therefore, creation science is a viable theory, where evolution is a self-contradictory one. Any idea which contradicts itself cannot be true.

Check out this evidence of Creation Magazine Live to learn more of the specifics about the “mountain of evidence” for evolution. They’ll also talk about how the intelligentsia brutally “stacks the deck” and will allow only their own guesses to be considered as “evidence.” I guess you have to do that when you’re desperate to win and you know your emperor is naked.

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  • Tim Langan

    Fabulous article!!

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