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The Federal Debt Lunacy in Real Life Terms

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Remember that complete-waste-of-time debt deal that congress came up with last spring?

You know, the one involving our country’s $15 TRILLION in debt, annual deficit spending of over $1.5 TRILLION, congress’ inability to cut anything of significance from a bloated federal budget, and the subsequent credit downgrade by S&P?

It can be difficult to fully appreciate the key elements of the federal debt and spending situation with all the zeros found in the TRILLIONS of dollars involved.  Key elements like:

  1. The incredible amounts of money we’re spending
  2. The incredible deficit between the amount of money we have versus the amount of money we’re spending
  3. The incredible amount of debt we already have
  4. The incredible amount of yearly debt we’re adding to that already-incredible  amount of overall debt
  5. The pathetic inability of congress to cut anything of significance from our budget (even though more than 50% of our budget is spent on things not authorized by the U.S. Constitution)

That’s why this little video is so incredibly illustrative.  It puts the debt, deficit, wasteful spending, and increase in debt limit of the federal government into real-world perspective.

Imagine a person who’s up to their neck in debt, spending far more each year than they make, wasting money left and right, and now they want a new loan from the bank.

What sane bank is going to authorize a new loan to such an irresponsible person?

Yet your congress authorized such a loan (in your name) last spring to some pretty reckless spenders…who are continuing to spend recklessly with no meaningful cuts in sight. Yeah, you’re on the hook to pay for it-you, and your children, and your grandchildren…

This 2012 election year, what do you plan to do about it?

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