The Devil is in the Details!


“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” -John 10:10

I was humored this week with the “scary” interview that the state-controlled media put out on terror suspect Christopher Cornell, also known as Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah. He said the terrorists were in Texas, Ohio, New York City and Washington D.C. His message was that they are in your country and in your state, ready to wage jihad on American soil. Really?

Well, how couldn’t they be when they have an administration helping them along at every step of the way, pulling down all security on the borders, as well as opening up the flood gates to illegal aliens on the American people?  Additionally, the administration has been appointing America’s sworn enemies to high positions in our government and its agencies (Deuteronomy 28:49).

Cornell went on to say, “There will be many, many attacks.  Like I said, we are ready for the battle over the Capitol.”

Of course, there will be.  Scripture tells us that when a people are under judgment, the “sword will be without, and terror within (Deuteronomy 32:25).”

When asked what Cornell would have done if he had not been arrested, he said, “What would I have done? I would have took my gun, I would have put it to Obama’s head and I would have pulled the trigger.”

“Then I would have released more bullets on the Senate and the House of Representative members, and I would have attacked the Israeli embassy and various other buildings full of kafir [non-Muslims] who want to wage war against us Muslims and shed our blood,” he added.

Outside of the fact that this kid sounded like he had some mental disorders, I could do nothing but see the diversion that is being played out on the American people who refuse to take heed to the Word of God, which is so prophetically right on.

As a side note, at this point this would suicide mission for these jihadists, for they know that behind every blade of grass in this country is an armed citizen. I personally agree with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Myers, who said that ISIS hunting Americans is like a sheep hunting a lion.  Yet, not in the state of rebellion that America is in toward God (Numbers 32:23).

Americans have given a pass to what God condemns and have looked the other way.  Looking the other way is not the right move for the American people to make (Psalm 9:17).

Remember, God said, “And it shall come to pass, that as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you; so the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you, and to bring you to nought; and ye shall be plucked from off the land… (Deuteronomy 28:63).”

We can clearly see that America is under the judgments that God has promised to a rebellious people.  Nothing else besides the judgment of God can explain why the American people have let it go this far.

By the way, did anyone catch what the incompetent, home-grown jihadist said? “I would have took my gun, I would have put it to Obama’s head and I would have pulled the trigger.”

Why would he want to bring harm to this president? This criminal has done nothing but bring aid to this jihadist both here, via the Muslim brotherhood and their terrorist ties, and abroad. Is this an attempt to bring about more fear and diversion so the Americans get their eye off of who the real enemies are?

The devil is in the details.

Maybe the American people have been so deceived (2 Thessalonians 2:8) as to believe as Islamist Keith Ellison (D-MN) believes, when he recently said, Obama is “an amazing patriot and one of the best presidents our country will ever have seen.”

While I believe Cornell when he says the stage is being set for more attacks, I ask you, the reader, who has set that stage more than the American people allotting this administration to transgress the law as it has? What else do you expect?

This is nothing new. Read the Declaration of Independence and you will find the usurpations of a tyrant that would not be ruled by God. You will also find the degree that these wicked men will go to in order to make sure they remain in power.

The Father of the Constitution, James Madison, said,

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

Don’t be deceived (Galatians 6:7).

You Have 30 minutes to Explain to the Forefathers what has happened to America!

Who supports this Administration Anyways?

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  • franklinb23

    The writer comes to an odd conclusion: namely, that homegrown terrorists are somehow the responsibility of the Obama administration because of immigration policies or something.

    Say what?

    Homegrown terrorists are sometimes American citizens, born in the good ole USA, or they’ve legally emigrated to the US prior to Obama’s terms in office. Further, I can’t recall hearing of any terrorists coming from Mexico (where most illegals come from).

    You can’t prevent crazy. Look at Timothy McVeigh or James Holmes (both white men), both of who killed more than a few people.

    The unfortunate reality is that groups like ISIS or al-Qaeda will find some sympathetic ears in the US who are either mentally ill or just plain evil. Thanks to the internet, anyone can gain access to the propaganda of these organizations.

    This doesn’t mean that I agree with our immigration policies, entirely. Perhaps the answer is to deny entry to citizens from some countries. The only problem is that Europe is now so riddled with Muslim sympathizers that allowing immigrants from Great Britain isn’t going to guarantee much of anything. So what do we do? Deny entrance to “brown” people with beards or who are wearing crazy headwear?

    Or … simple answer would be to end immigration entirely, including legal immigration to those seeking amnesty.

    • Bob Ellis

      Home-grown terrorists can’t be completely stopped, if they are determined to embrace evil. However, the things we say and do can help encourage or discourage such things.

      For example, fomenting hatred of the American way (as Barack Obama and his fellow Leftists have been doing for decades) encourages others (especially the less stable among us) to hate America, and some of those unstable ones to get it into their head that it is somehow right or good to take hostile action against our country or people.

      True, there are a tiny handful of nut jobs that are loosely associated with the Right (e.g. Timothy McVeigh), but as just the experience of the past 6 years or so illustrates, almost all of them hail from the Left as far as their philosophy and ideology goes.

      And as for Mexico, how can we possibly know how many terrorists are coming across that porous border when we aren’t even making a serious effort to stop the hemorrhaging? I have read a number of news reports about prayer rugs and other Islamic items being found along the pathways across our border. Were the people who left behind these items terrorists? Maybe not…but maybe they were. As a former military official, a former law enforcement official, one who was trained in security and counterterrorism, I can tell you our non-existent borders would be like an open-air hen-house with no walls or fences, and then expecting the foxes to somehow magically restrain themselves from helping themselves to a quick and easy lunch.

      You’re right that many European countries are so Islamicized now that it would be difficult to fully regulate dangerous immigration solely on the basis of geography.> However, we could at least make a start by restricting or stopping travel from countries that we KNOW harbor terrorism. Sadly, we don’t even really do that. We don’t even take the most obvious, blatant, in-your-face common-sense steps. Our immigration and border control efforts were pathetic during the Bush years and before, but they are absolutely laughable now, where the president of the United States openly-OPENLY-refuses to enforce existing immigration law, OPENLY encourages illegal immigration, and OPENLY calls for amnesty for those who have already violated our borders and broken our immigration laws.

      This enemy of America who sits in the White House should have been impeached long ago, if the Democrat Party had the slightest shred of patriotism remaining. Now, apparently the GOP has none either, because they have all but sworn in blood not to impeach this anti-American tyrant, no matter what he does.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Homegrown terrorists almost always have an ideological base OUTSIDE the U.S. And with that alliance come material support.