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Thank You to Stace Nelson Supporters

June 4, 2014   ·   By   ·   2 Comments

Rep. Stace Nelson

Rep. Stace Nelson

By now, you probably know the results of last night’s Primary election were not what we had hoped for. Stace had asked that I share some thoughts with you.

Stace is honored and humbled to have your support. He also wants you know that he is very grateful for all you have done to help make this campaign possible.

Since last Summer, people like you have supported Stace through the often long and sometimes difficult struggles of a statewide campaign. Without you, the many successes we have had would not have happened.

I also wanted to thank you. The Establishment now knows that a network of principled conservatives is growing in organization statewide and is a force that cannot be ignored. There will be more battles in the future. The fight for freedom is not over just because a political campaign ends. Consider being a part of the State GOP Convention in a few weeks in Rapid City. There you can also have a big influence. Once again, THANK YOU!

Yours in Liberty,

Eldon Stahl
Stace Nelson for US Senate

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