Ted Cruz and the 13 Minute Standing Ovation

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is as beloved by conservatives as he is reviled by liberals in both the Democrat and “Republican” Parties.

When Cruz came home to Texas last weekend, he was met by 750 Texans in San Antonio who gave him an 8-minute standing ovation. I tried but could not find any video of that.

However, he received an even longer (13 minutes) ovation in Arlington on Monday, and the video of the ovation is below. There were a few malcontents in the crowd booing (probably Tea Party infiltrators), but the overwhelming majority poured out their love and gratitude for this rare defender of liberty in Washington.

Ted Cruz 2016


Americans are hungry–absolutely hungry–for a common sense conservative who will not only stand for the values that made America great, but will take the fight to the enemy and not pee their pants like most of the Republican “leaders” of today.  I can’t remember America being so starved for patriotic leadership since the waning days of the Jimmy Carter Administration, and the coming of Ronald Reagan.

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  • DCM7

    “Reviled by liberals” is about the best endorsement someone could have.