Tea Party Express Whores Itself to RINO Establishment

Tea_Party_ExpressWe’ve come to a very sad and pathetic place in America and South Dakota, these days. There once was a time, not too long ago, when you could count on certain people and groups to do the right thing and hold the line against what was wrong.

Not anymore.

One such group that people used to be able to count on was the Republican Party. This was a party which once stood for all the best of American values: freedom, the free market, limited government, the family, the rule of law.

Ted Cruz 2016


Then we saw the GOP sell its soul during the Bush years and become a corrupt, immoral big-spending party not unlike the Democrats. It was no wonder the people threw them out of congressional power in 2006, and out of the White House in 2008.

Because the people had no one to stand up for them, the people stood up for themselves in an unprecedented wave in 2009, starting the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement unapologetically called for a return to limited government, low taxes and fiscal responsibility.

Now, though probably most Tea Party patriots still stand firm for these things, the Tea Party Express, a national Tea Party group, has decided to whore itself out, selling its values and virtue in a quest for a seat at the table of power.

From Black Hills Fox:

Wednesday, the Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, was in Rapid City to endorse the former South Dakota governor.

The executive director of the Tea Party Express says the group feels Rounds is a conservative leader, and they’re impressed with his record as governor.

Taylor Budowich says, “He’s fought for South Dakota for so many years and has made a lot of tough choices. Not too many tough choices get done in Washington, D.C. Everyone likes to kick the can down the road and put the hard decisions off on the next guy. That’s not something Mike Rounds is going to do. He’s going to confront the problems and find solutions to them, and so that’s what’s so important to us and so important to kind of getting America back on track.”


The guy who kicked the can of a $127 million structural deficit down the road for his successor Dennis Daugaard and the legislature to deal with…is “not something Mike Rounds is going to do”?  Give me a break!

The guy who lacked the guts to sign South Dakota’s first attempt to ban abortion in 2004–and instead vetoed it–is “going to confront the problems”?  Spare me!

The guy who grew the size of state government, who supports government health care schemes, amnesty, Marxist minimum wage increases and a host of other liberal ideas can be relied on for “getting America back on track”?  Please!

According to Mike Rounds record–not his lying rhetoric, but his record–he isn’t even a good Republican, much less a good Tea Party candidate.  Somebody has to be smoking some serious weed to think Mike Rounds is a Tea Party candidate…or somebody is willing to whore out their principles pretty easily.  Though one could never rule out the former, my money’s on the latter.

As Gordon Howie put it, “It only makes sense that their endorsement would be for a candidate that has ridiculed Tea Party activists in South Dakota as professional dissenters.” Indeed. Mike Rounds’ supporters and sycophants have done nothing but bash, ridicule and smear conservatives and Tea Party activists for the past two years or more. Yeah, he’s a real conservative.

It’s a sick pathetic joke to claim that a candidate with a clear record of taxation, growing government, and spitting on conservatives and Tea Party patriots is a fit for a “Tea Party” endorsement. What a crock.

What’s next?  John McCain or John Boehner getting the Tea Party Express endorsement?

Sadly, this wasn’t too big of a surprise.  The Tea Party Express contacted me some time back (I’m one of the founding members of the Tea Party movement in the Rapid City area) about Mike Rounds, and I gave them an earful of what a pathetic betrayer of Tea Party and Republican values he is.  They indicated to me at that time that winning control of the U.S. Senate (regardless of whether the gutless “Republicans” in Washington would actually do anything with it) was more important to them than Tea Party principles.

Besides, I knew when I found out that Tea Party Express had jumped on the amnesty wagon that this organization was now as worthless as the GOP establishment. Any group that would embrace the lawlessness of amnesty for illegal aliens isn’t worthy of the name “Republican,” and doubly so for the title of “Tea Party” anything.

Of course, the Tea Party Express isn’t the only conservative group that’s willing to whore itself out in pursuit of power.  The pro-family Family Heritage Alliance, a group I supported from its beginning, decided this summer to endorse the guy who vetoed South Dakota’s first attempt to ban abortion, the guy who fought attempts to resist the religious-freedom-oppressing ObamaCare and who worked with Barack Obama and Tom Daschle in government health care meetings. And had the audacity to claim this self-avowed “pragmatist” was a man of principle, that they endorsed him “on principle.”

When some people said “Everyone has a price,” I used to not believe it. That’s getting a lot harder not to believe, these days.  When pro-family and Tea Party groups whore themselves out to corrupt establishment candidates who are only a “lite” version of the poison found in the Democrat Party, yeah, it’s looking like most people actually do have a price.

By the grace of God, I don’t. Do you?  Someone must stand uncompromisingly by the principles that produced the greatest nation in history…if that nation is to survive.

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  • http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/ Publius Huldah

    That’s right, Bob. The tea party movement failed - was co-opted by RINOS and lying progressives - because it was never founded on PRINCIPLES. It was founded on slogans: “limited government”, “the Constitution”, “stop the spending”, and “abolish the fed”. But they didn’t have a principled understanding of these concepts. They didn’t know what the federal government was supposed to be limited to. They didn’t know what the Constitution said. They didn’t know the criterion for deciding what Congress should and should not be spending money on. They never even got that far in their thinking. They were not willing to read our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and find out what they say and learn about the federal government created by our Constitution.

    What they wanted to do was chant slogans and have SOMEONE ELSE - a leader - a savior - come along and handle everything. The savior would figure all this out and fix the problems.

    At the beginning of the movement , Marco Rubio was the one all the tea party people and Ann Coulter and Mark Levin “loved”. Now it’s Ted Cruz. [Both of them are ineligible to be President and are as phoney as a $3.00 bill.]

    I have been writing and speaking publicly for several years on the specifics of our Declaration and Constitution. I speak of the enumerated powers delegated to the federal government all the time. Yet I asked two local leaders to list 3 of the enumerated powers delegated to Congress. One hesitated and finally said, “Make laws?” The other hesitated and said, “Make war?”

    See? Even the leaders REFUSE to read our two Founding Documents. All they want to do is chant feel-good slogans and wait for someone else - a political figure or a celebrity - to come along and take care of everything. “Ben Carson is the one to save us!”

    But since they have NO IDEA what our Declaration and Constitution say about anything, they are unable to see that the political figures and celebrities they place all their hopes on know as little about our Declaration and Constitution as they do. And if they get into power, they will just go with the flow.

    And because they had NO IDEA what our two Founding Documents say, and had NO UNDERSTANDING of our Founding Principles, they were easy fodder for the lying progressives and their dupes who sold most of them on the disastrous path of an Article V Convention.

    When people have NO PRINCIPLES TO GUIDE THEM, they are easy to manipulate by those who mean to institute a tyranny over them.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

      • http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/ Publius Huldah

        Bob, they REFUSE knowledge.

    • rivahmitch

      SPEAK FOR YOUR “Tea Party” groups, NOT MINE. Most of us have studied the Declaration and the Constitution, looked into but never supported Rubio, and are absolutely opposed and have written and spoken of our opposition to a Con Con by any name. We also constantly bring in speakers to educate both our group and local community members on relevant issues.

      The issue of the current election cycle is a bit more tenuous as there’s a Rockefeller Repug (RINO) running for Senate. Our position has been that we will not campaign for that individual but will publish information about his Demorat Kenyan-supporting opponent and will, while holding our noses, vote for him in the general election. Meanwhile, we remain active on the local issues of (such as working for property rights and against Agenda 21), and have taken over the party apparatus in the majority of our state congressional districts.

      Our Tea Party hasn’t “failed”. We just haven’t yet totally succeeded.