Sydney Hostage Tragedy and Its American Cousin


Just a few days ago, a dangerous and deadly hostage ordeal unfolded in Sydney, Australia.  According to news reports the Muslim man who perpetrated the event is a self proclaimed minister of the Islamic state.

As a result of his actions, liberties were sacrificed.

Lives were lost.

And, no matter his motives — and no matter the motives of those he may have been trying to please – I think we can agree that his actions in that Sydney café were criminal, and deserving of punishment.

This tragedy in Australia got me to thinking about another tragedy – another hostage situation much closer to home.

America’s fundamental laws – the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights – have been taken hostage by elected officials who desire to govern by their own self-proclaimed private ideologies, or by the agenda of special interest groups they are trying to please.

And the results are — and have been — dangerous and deadly.

Millions of Americans are in danger of losing their freedom; their God-given right to life, liberty, and thepursuit of happiness.

Some of their decisions have been fatal — millions of babies have been murdered in the womb when the Fifth Amendment’s promise of protection of life was taken hostage by the Supreme Court.

Americans have been robbed of their loved ones who have taken the call to serve and protect our nation but instead are being sent as sheep to the slaughter in unconstitutional wars by politicians who are more concerned about lining their pockets than the welfare of their country.

Any elected official who fails to uphold— or blatantly disregards – the limits and boundaries set up by the Constitution, is acting criminally, no matter where he is from, or what his justification was, or the amount of people he pleased by his actions.

Many of us have decided that it is time for us to get educated, know the Constitution for ourselves, and use our God-given rights to maintain our freedom.

And we are hoping that you might like to join us.

Learn more about your Constitution with Jake MacAulay and his Institute on the Constitution and receive your free gift.

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