Supporters to Welcome Kim Davis Back to Work

Kim_Davis_clerk_KentuckyLOS ANGELES, Sept. 11, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — As Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis plans to return to work on Monday and crowds gather in anticipation of more fireworks, producers of the faith-based film “Audacity” are asking Christians in Morehead to show Christian love to those gathered, handing out free copies of the film with the motto “love can’t stay silent.”

In addition to 2,000 DVDs for give-away, Executive Producer Ray Comfort is providing 500 T-shirts and 500 posters for local Christians to wear as they share the film and the message of God’s love with those who surround the courthouse on Monday in anticipation of further actions by Kim Davis.

“We want to support Christians who are standing for our God-given freedoms, and we want to empower those who are gathered there in support with materials to share a Gospel witness,” Comfort said. “We have a message for this dying world, and love can’t stay silent!”

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Also throughout the day on Monday, a four-story air banner in rainbow colors proclaiming #LoveWins and promoting “Audacity” will be flown over the Rowan Country Courthouse. The film, released in August, is now freely available on YouTube and

Those wanting to share the message of love proclaimed in “Audacity” are encouraged to come by Trinity Christian Fellowship at 537 W. Main Street in Morehead, directly across from the Rowan County Courthouse, at 9 a.m. on Monday to pick up their DVDs, T-Shirts, posters and Gospel witness tracts.

“‘Audacity’ was produced particularly to show that Christians don’t hate homosexuals,” Comfort said. “It is our faith in Christ and our understanding of mankind’s need for a Savior that compels us to share not just with homosexuals, but with everyone, before it’s too late.”

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  • franklinb23

    Kim Davis is free to not issue licenses, yet she doesn’t restrict other civil clerks who have no problem issuing them. Everyone should be happy now.

    • Bob Ellis

      And by law, without her authorization as county clerk, those pieces of paper have as much validity and authority as the contents of a fortune cookie.

      But then, the unconstitutional Supreme Court edict has about that much validity and authority as well.

      Of course, since we’re counterfeiting marriage anyway, why not have a completely counterfeit license?

      • franklinb23

        “Of course, since we’re counterfeiting marriage anyway, why not have a completely counterfeit license?”

        Counterfeit in what sense?

        Las Vegas has a number of wedding chapels where men can take a stripper whom he has known for 3 days (or 3 hours) and obtain a civil marriage. In the eyes of the law, they’re married. What does God think of these unions, do you suppose?

        Some men’s marriages only last as long as their wives retain their tiny waistlines. Then they divorce them and marry their secretaries. In the eyes of the law, they’re married. Are these sacred unions?

        I’m not saying that the law reflects the ideal. It doesn’t. The problem is that it can’t. What’s the alternative? A group of clerics or pastors counsel marriage applicants and approve or deny their marriages based on their own subjective judgment?

        Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean by “validity”? Are you saying validity is determined by the voting public? If 60% of America approved civil marriage for gay couples, are you saying these unions would be “valid”?

        • Bob Ellis

          Counterfeit in the fact that they aren’t real-neither the license or the union itself. They lack both the authority and the elements necessary to comprise a real license and a real marriage.

          The marriage you describe lacks wisdom and a good chance for success. However, it does at least comprise the two most necessary elements to form a marriage: a man and a woman. Without a man and a woman, you have two people of the same sex stimulating each other’s sex organs, nothing more.

          What I mean by “validity” should be crystal clear by now. Can you have a valid cake with all flour or all milk? No, you need the necessary elements to form a cake to have a valid cake. You also need a man and a woman to form a valid marriage. And to have a valid marriage license, in addition to the man and woman, you need the authority specified by law to give that license validity; those being issued without county clerk Kim Davis’ authority lack, in addition to a man or a woman, the authorization specified by Kentucky law to give those licenses validity.

          Marriage counterfeiters might as well print one up on their ink jet printer and sign it themselves, for all it’s worth.

        • DCM7

          Sorry, but the old “heterosexuals mess up marriage too” argument doesn’t wash. If anything, the cheapening of marriage by heterosexuals shows that we need to move *farther away* from “gay marriage,” since it is just one more thing that involves the lowering or loosening of marriage standards.

    • Thisoldspouse

      They’re happy… for now. But not for very long. Any disapproval of homosexuality in any way must be crushed. And they will try to find a way.

      • DCM7

        We allowed “gays” to be left alone. They wanted protection.
        We gave them protection. They wanted legitimacy.
        We gave them legitimacy. They wanted all disagreement with them to be silenced.
        When something’s not right inside of someone, nothing will be enough for them.