Support for Hillary Clinton Ends Our Friendship & Business Dealings - PERIOD

Hillary_Clinton_3In the past, I accepted the fact that not everyone is going to agree with me on everything, including political matters and opinions on politicians in the running for any given office.  I often respected legit opinions contrary to my own.  That respect and acceptance stops when it comes to support of Hillary Clinton and politicians such as she.  You support her, and those such as she — you have ended our supposed friendship or any further business transactions that might have occurred between us.

I wonder if you have a clue why.

If Hillary Clinton (and those such as she) merely had a different idea of how to make this world perfect (or just better) and were striving to encourage others to do it their way — that would be one thing.  To “lie” and manipulate is quite a different matter.

Ted Cruz 2016


We know that Hillary Clinton lies.

You support her lying?

If you support her lying — how can I trust you?

Are you lying to me?

Are you lying about me?

If you will excuse her lying — what lying won’t you excuse?

The day you proudly support Hillary Clinton and excuse her obvious “lying” is the day you have lost my trust and friendship.

It says it all about you — not just she!

Our friendship & business dealings end!

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  • Thisoldspouse

    I agree with you, Carrie. We can maintain the necessary superficial relationships necessary to get through life, but as far as extending our friendships and/or business relationships, that is where we should draw the line with those who align themselves with societal barbarism.