Statement from Conservatives of Faith Organizers

In the wake of some reports in the media about discrepancies and irregularities in the consensus vote taken at the Conservatives of Faith conference last weekend, several of the organizers released the following statement yesterday afternoon:

From beginning to end the meeting outside of Houston, Texas was a remarkable gathering of conservative leaders. There was no absence of passion in the advocating for perspectives or preferences, but it was marked with tremendous camaraderie, prayerfulness, and cordiality.

While we did not all agree with the outcome, we do agree with how the group arrived at that outcome. Not everyone agreed to change or alter their support for the candidate they were backing and some will therefore continue advocating for the candidate of their choice.

The process was fair and in the open among all present with ballot counters representing every candidate invited to be present.

Ken Cuccinelli
Pastor Jim Garlow
Michael Geer, President, Pennsylvania Family Council/PAC
John Stemberger, Florida, former Rick Perry supporter and current Rick Santorum supporter Judge Paul Pressler
Robert K. Fischer

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