SPLC Wages ‘Transgender’ War on Civil Rights Law

Photo credit: Brad Coy (file photo)


Photo credit: Brad Coy (file photo)

On Tuesday, I read an Associated Press report about a young woman who, with the help of the radical liberals of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and another homosexual activist group, is suing a business for firing her because she refused to dress and behave as a woman.  This girl pretends to be—or believes she is—a man, and the business did not want to employ a woman presenting herself as a man.  She had apparently dressed and looked like a man when she was hired, but only when the company processed her paperwork and driver’s license did they realize she was a female.  Management told her she would have to dress and behave like the woman she is in order to work there.  She refused and was let go.

It was just a short few weeks between the time she was hired and then fired.  This is yet another case of the radical homosexual-“transgender” activist movement using lawfare to crush the rights of people to run their businesses as they see fit, free from being forced to hire mentally ill cross-dressers.  The SPLC in its devilish case is trying to conflate this case with “civil rights” for “transgendered” people.  As they write in their “case docket” at the SPLC website:

Tristan Broussard, a young transgender man, was fired from his manager trainee position at Tower Loan, a Mississippi-based finance company with 180 locations nationwide, for not agreeing to dress and be treated as a woman. The Southern Poverty Law Center and allies filed a federal discrimination lawsuit alleging Tower Loans violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights by firing plaintiff Tristan Broussard. Title VII prohibits against employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.

… The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, alleges that Broussard’s former employer Tower Loan violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the federal law that protects employees from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Courts nationwide have repeatedly recognized that Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination protects transgender workers.

I am not aware of an abundance of nationwide cases that have “repeatedly recognized” that the Civil Rights Act covers mentally deranged people who believe, against biological reality, that they are the opposite sex, but wherever these rulings may be made, they’re dead wrong.  Never in the wildest imaginations of the men who crafted and passed that legislation, would they have intended it to cover people with such mental illness at the expense of the right of employers to not participate in such lunacy.  Further, since when can the employer not dictate employees’ dress code, specifically that it should match their gender?

This is tyranny, and it has not come to the United States from an invading nation with tanks and rockets.  It has come wrapped in a hijacked-rainbow flag, under the banner of “diversity” and “nondiscrimination.”  At this point, only the most uninformed and deceived among us cannot see that the radical homosexual movement—a movement based purely on lies and sin—has at its heart the wicked goal of tyranny over Christian freedom, expression and conscience.  Don’t doubt it.  While this particular case does not necessarily involve a Christian employer, ultimately Christians and Christianity are the true targets of this hell-born movement.  But, these activists will gladly target anyone who resists their dark agenda, as this company, Tower Loan, is sadly discovering.

The culture in our nation today is steeped in immorality and moral relativism to the point that far too many people have no perception of the grotesque reality of homosexual behavior and how the activists and their supporters in this sexual anarchy movement are using sodomy and “transgenderism” as a foundation to create new “rights” for those who engage in these base behaviors.  These new “civil rights” for sodomites are for the purpose of destroying the rights of the majority of the American people.

The truth is that homosexuality and related behaviors like “transgenderism” are wholly degenerate, dangerous to body, mind and spirit, and entirely unnatural to God’s design for human sexuality.  God calls these things sin, an abomination to Him, and so many today no longer grasp the unchanging truth of this.  With a pro-sodomite media narrative that includes all popular entertainment platforms, people are becoming desensitized to the hideous, demonic nature of this behavior.

Regardless of this, homosexual and “transgender” behavior should never be covered under the Civil Rights Act, because if that becomes the case, then there are no limits to the kinds of bad behavior that would be added to the lunacy of “nondiscrimination” law.  Yes, lunacy.  This weapon of “nondiscrimination” has become nothing more than a battering ram against the rights of business owners, especially Christian ones.

If Tower Loan loses this bogus “civil rights” case to the SPLC, it will be just one more nail in the nearly-sealed coffin of freedom for the American people at the hands of a perverse minority of sexual degenerates.

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  • franklinb23

    Take a look at these photos. Are you 100% certain that these M-to-F transgenders should use the men’s room? I realize there are some funky looking transsexuals out there, but … well, just take a look.


    Roberta Close looks a bit like Catherine Zeta Jones.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      It’s simple: if you were born with a penis, you should look like a man, behave like a man, and use (only) the men’s room. That’s because you’re a man.

      • ab0ng

        As long as God creates people like Castor Semenya, Sarah Gronert, Thomas Hall, Maria José Martínez-Patiño. Having a Penis does not make a man, not having a penis does not make a woman, XX does not make a woman, XY does not make a man. Check medical literature.

        • DCM7

          We’re supposed to take people with gender confusion as proof of anything? That’s proof of nothing except that some people have gender confusion.
          God didn’t create them that way. He created them and something else made them that way — something that can, and should, be overcome.

        • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

          I see now. We have in you another one of these wack-jobs who not only can’t accept reality, you’re completely hostile to it, along with science.

          Anyone who can’t come to terms with the fact that a penis means you’re a man, a vagina means you’re a woman, and that genetic male/female traits indicates whether you are male or female…well, such a person has such deep-rooted psychological problems that they certainly can’t be helped on a political website.

          I suggest you seek competent help, and do it quickly.

    • WXRGina

      As Bob said, we’re either male or female, period. What’s going on in our nation and world today is utter lunacy, and the days will grow ever darker until the Lord’s return.

    • DCM7

      The fact that some people with gender confusion are better than others at disguising themselves really doesn’t change anything.

  • Trans child of God

    but isn’t gender innocent?

    • WXRGina

      Gender innocent? Very odd question.

      • Trans child of God

        I mean the concept of gender representing the state of being M or F is an innocent trait is it not, that is it’s not behavior?

        • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

          It’s very simple. If you were born with a penis, you are a man and should act like one; if you were born with a vagina, you are a woman and should act like one.

          This is not complicated at all.

        • WXRGina

          Yes, you are born male or female (as Bob noted earlier), but it becomes bad behavior when you refuse to conform to the sex (or gender) you were created to be.

          • Trans child of God

            Thank you for allowing me to be part of this discussion, unlike other sites that immediately block me for merely positing a contra view. I relish and treasure discussion because the hope is that education can flourish.

            I am also Christian by choice and truly share the primary tenets, which is why I am with family here and am truly inspired by how civil my Christian brethren are.

            • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

              I’ll warn you up front: I get tired real quick of people who refuse to deal with reality (as so a lot of people, which may be why you’ve been blacklisted at other places like I frequently have to do here), so I guess we’ll see how it goes. First and foremost, this is MY platform to disseminate the truth, not an “equal opportunity” forum for harmful propaganda to be spread.

              • Trans child of God

                Thank you Bob, understood, clearly understood. I truly thank you for providing me the opportunity to educate. I knew that this admonishment would come, as it just did. Still, you’ve at least allowed me to comment far longer than 3 seconds, and for that my Christian brother, I truly do thank you.

                It is your platform indeed, and again, thank you for hosting me. I will now depart and wish you God’s blessings and thank you for spreading the Good News. I will now graciously ——->>>>EXIT, because although my daily, lived truth is not one that meets with yours (and others) approval, the truth is that in public, strangers call me “ma’am” and I use all female areas, not for prurient interests but because I am female.

                Understandably, one person’s truth is another’s propaganda and as a military veteran, I served for your right to say what you wish, and you have, refreshingly very civil! In a day when Christians are losing lives for our faith, I will not let minor differences mitigate my agape love to my family. Cheers, my friend. I will no longer sully your platform with my presence.

              • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

                You haven’t done any educating so far (only spreading harmful lies and propaganda), and you’re not showing any signs of doing any educating yet, so you’re not off to a good start.

                No, one of the biggest lies on this planet is “one person’s truth is another’s propaganda.” When we’re dealing with objective truth and physical facts, there is only one truth about a subject. If you were born with a penis, you are a man, regardless of how you artificially manipulate and/or mutilate your body.

                For your own good, I strongly recommend you seek the help of someone who can help you adjust to reality. You don’t want to meet your maker after having lived your life telling him he’s too stupid to get it right on something as fundamental and sacred as human sexuality.

          • Trans child of God

            It need not be said that infants are usually (some are born with conflicting genitalia) born with male or female external genitalia. There are some that are male (testes inside) but due to physical reasons androgen is impeded and externally have female genitalia (but no uterus).

            I also do agree that refusal to comply with compulsory requirements is disobedient behavior, but the reason I offered that gender is innocent is to clarify the difference between gender (M/F) and sexuality (conduct).

            I am aware that Isaiah was created in the womb, and that very often his story is extrapolated to mean that all of us are created but at the risk of being confrontational (I am not), I do take exception with the “you are created to be…”.

            Allow me to explain: I, like all Christians do believe in the Hebrew story of creation that tells us of God’s perfect creation in all respects (animals, earth, people.) However my deduction, from scripture, is this:

            God’s pinnacle of creation (mankind) disobeyed/sinned and as a result infallible DNA became fallible. God judged all man guilty and sentenced man to illness, old age, and death. Perfect creation was perfect no more.

            Remember I am not referring to conduct at all, but our physical bodies. As Christians, we truly lose immediate credibility when we tell non-believers that God is still creating each one of us, albeit imperfect, sinful, fallible, finite, and born with every possible physical malady/defect.

            I am not trying at all to rationalize the fact that I am trans, not yet. I am simply stating what is obvious to non-believers and to myself: that God may have created two perfect master copies, but no longer, and now we are reproduced sinful creatures.

            Gender/sex identity begins in the womb not from the child’s mind/choice, but through physical developments that produce a baby girl or boy. This dispels the myth that sex/gender identity is a “mental” issue because it is a physical issue then, and now. So, given that infants are at times born with both genitalia, and that everything physical can and does go wrong, I don’t see how medically (hormones) correcting my sex is sin because God gave us the brains to correct many physical maladies, our bodies included.

            Again, God has given us the privilege of life and a spirit, but these are not “created-by-God” bodies for the reasons I have mentioned. I apologize if I seem to be argumentative.

            • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

              Until society’s recent embrace of insanity, “sex” and “gender” were synonymous terms. That’s why the dictionary still defines “gender” as “the state of being male or female.” There is no significant difference between the two.

              You can take exception all you like with God’s design, but that doesn’t change it. If a tool came off the production line looking like a hammer, it was designed to be a hammer. Only someone with serious mental issues would even dream of trying to call it a “screwdriver” or a “yo-yo.” It’s apparent design makes the intended function and role obvious, just as our sex organs make our function and role as men and women obvious. I understand that through various adverse environmental impacts during childhood, a small number of people have difficulty coming to grips with this reality…but reality it is, nevertheless.

              A healthy person-or at least a person seeking to become healthy-seeks to adjust to reality, and people who are interested in helping a person become a healthy person will help a person adjust to reality. Only someone disinterested in being healthy refuses to even attempt to come to grips with reality, and only someone contemptuous of another person’s health would humor them in their delusion and/or mislead them from the truth.

              If you were born with a penis and are genetically male, you are a man, and if you were born with a vagina and are genetically female, you are a woman.

              Your sex does not need “correcting” with hormones, mutilation or anything else, unless you are one of the less than one percent of people born with birth defects affecting their sex organs-and virtually all of those people can receive help to live a relatively normal life according to their dominant physical characteristics.

              If you can’t accept physical reality, please, seek reputable help (not someone who will humor your delusion) and do your best to adjust to reality.

  • ab0ng

    more importantly, how do you think Buck Angel would look in a dress serving customers as a woman? the absurdity you propose is staggering. Take a look at Buck Angel and tell me he is a woman and belongs in a womans locker room.

    • WXRGina

      I have no desire to “take a look at Buck Angel,” but I’m guessing she’s a woman. It doesn’t matter what she looks like, she is still a woman. You don’t seem to realize it is you people who deny reality who are proposing the staggering absurdity.

      • ab0ng

        The absurdity is forcing women to wear dresses and high heels. In 1968, my teacher was sent home from school for wearing a pants suit. It is now 2015, and I see in grade schools teachers wearing jeans.
        This is not the 1950s and Mad Men. Please grow up. Don’t make women wear dresses and high heels to work.

        • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

          I don’t recall anyone here arguing that women should be forced to wear dresses and/or high heels. Please grow up.

          • ab0ng

            “for not agreeing to dress and be treated as a woman.” Slacks, loffers and a shirt were not adequate, so what is left? All he could do was shave his beard, wear skirts or dresses, high heels to look more feminine. Anything else could be considered masculine.

            • DCM7

              Wait, which kind of sexual confusion applies to this person? Is it a man who thinks he’s a woman or a woman who thinks she’s a man?

              • ab0ng

                No sexual confusion, body sex is female, brain gender is male. There is a book I believe called “Brain Sex” that covers the difference between sex and gender. Remember, some religions do not believe in anybody having a sex in Heaven. The Mormons only think of the body being a shell for the soul, so why cannot the shell be different than the soul? As a religious person, is that so hard to pick up?

              • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

                Again, it’s really simple and easy to figure out. If you were born with a penis, you’re a male; if you were born with a vagina, you’re a female. Get a grip and get used to reality. Reality does not change to suit you; you are supposed to adjust your attitudes to fit reality.

              • Trans child of God

                Bob, I realize that many hold the view that genitalia determines sex and it usually does, but can anyone (religious or not) truly argue that my CA ID with sex now listed as F is not reality?

                It used to show M, but now it really shows F!!! Again, I understand your viewpoint but the reality is that sex has been legally changed for 70 years now! I mean this is real history (starting with Christine Jorgensen). Given this fact, can it truly be factual to state “reality doesn’t change to suit you?”

              • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

                “Genitalia determines sex?” Uh, yeah, because your genitalia IS your sex. You might as well ask, “Does water content determine wetness”? or “Does iron content determine ferrousness?”

                If you were genetically born a male with a penis, then you are man, regardless of whoever may humor you. To call yourself anything else is a fraud. You can manipulate and mutilate your body, but you are still a man.

                You can tell a fellow on the street who thinks he’s Michael Jackson that he is indeed “Michael Jackson,” but that’ won’t make it so. It only makes you both liars.

                You need to seek some reliable help to assist you in adjusting to reality. You will be much healthier in this life, and will reverse your current trend of alienating your Creator by telling him that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

              • DCM7

                “body sex is female, brain gender is male”
                Ah, so it’s a female that thinks she’s a male. It would be amusing, if it weren’t so sad, that you can actually say (with a straight face) that that’s not gender confusion. That is the very *definition* of gender confusion.

                So… since it’s a female, why does she have a beard to shave? Is she in an advanced state of bodily mutilation? If that’s the case, the problem is not how anyone expects her to dress; it’s what she’s had done to her body.

                “There is a book I believe called ‘Brain Sex’ that covers the difference between sex and gender.”
                Another appeal-to-authority fallacy. It doesn’t matter what books or experts support a false belief; it’s still a false belief.

                “why cannot the shell be different than the soul?”
                It’s interesting to see the logical convolutions people have to go through when they’re clinging to a stance that’s blatantly counter to simple reality. You get credit for originality, but nothing else.

              • Trans child of God

                Again, I do understand the Christian tenets behind this discussion but we must be very careful not to relinquish intelligence to adversaries. Is it factual to state that someone “thinks” they are male or female?

                Is gender/sex identity, which stems from the endocrine system, so trite as mere “thought” or feeling, particularly since it begins from physical, not mental, development? Sex/gender identity, one might say, has to do with genitalia, but never as fleeting as “thought” or as fickle as “feelings”!

                Do girls and boys merely “think” they are female and male, respectively? See, confusion is when vacillation occurs, a state of being unsure. We who are trans have never been unsure of our sex identity! No confusion ever! The only question I had (and the rest) is why do I have a male body? A state of incongruity is never to be confused with, well, confusion.

              • Trans child of God

                I think that points can be articulated without compromising civility, ‘nuf said.

      • Trans child of God

        But, but, but, absurdity? And denial of reality? It is a beautiful and diverse world, filled with people in denial and many absurd things, but my reality is that this body is but a temporary vessel, awaiting a new, permanent abode. As a child of the Living God, I daily thank God for the privilege of life, and the reality that His creation is truly gorgeously-diverse.

  • Trans child of God

    Peace, love and understanding to all! Thank you for welcoming me to your rant (kidding!!) discussion. I have made my last reply below but in departing I leave you with this:

    If trans persons such as I, truly are mentally-disordered, why are we prescribed hormones, not psychotropic meds?

    If trans persons such as I, truly are mentally-disordered, why have we, such as I, served honorably in the US military, including in very sensitive areas in the Air Force during the Cold War and heavily armed for defense?

    If those of us who have been prescribed hormones, and changed our bodies—physically and really changed our bodies, are “confused by thought”, how much more confused must we appear, as Christians, to others for claiming to believe in an invisible creator?

    Peace, love, and understanding. Hugs, all.