South Dakota, Don’t Cast an Insane Vote

Albert_Einstein_tongueMy letter to the editor in the Rapid City Journal today:

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.”

That aptly describes anyone who supports former Gov. Mike Rounds while expecting him to go to Washington and contribute to any change from our nation’s disastrous fiscal and moral course.

Ted Cruz 2016


Rounds and his RINO minions would have us believe he’s some born-again conservative who is “gonna clean up this town” in Washington, when the reality of his record is quite different.

Rounds is the former governor who vetoed the state’s first attempt to ban abortion over “technicalities,” and spent taxpayer funds on vaccinations for a sexually transmitted disease. He is also the former governor who grew government and left the state with a $127 million structural deficit that even his former Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard acknowledges on his website.

Mike Rounds, a conservative who’s going to “show ’em how it’s done” in Washington? What a sick joke.

Meanwhile, Stace Nelson has a proven record of conservatism, working to reduce spending and government, and standing strong against the establishment status quo flow.

Where will your vote go? More of the same, or proven change in the right direction?

Bob Ellis, Rapid City

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