South Dakota Bill Highlight: Illegal Aliens

Illegal immigration in the United States is estimated to cost the American taxpayers over $110 BILLION a year.  The illegal alien population in our country is estimated at around 40 million people. Most illegal aliens are using at least one welfare program, and nearly one-third are using two or more. A study by the American Academy of Sciences found that illegal aliens working in the United States had resulted in a 44% drop in wages for the poorest of American citizens. Studies have found that 80% of illegal aliens have committed serious crimes in addition to their immigration-related crimes and 40% have committed violent crimes.

In addition to having our sovereignty violated, our laws broken, our jobs taken and our taxes used, we have serious problems pouring across our borders…and yet our federal government refuses to do anything about it. One area of Arizona is so dangerous that signs have been posted to warn law-abiding citizens not to go there (apparently this is easier than dealing with the problem). We also know Middle Eastern Muslims are sneaking across the border; how soon until they engineer another 911?

While amnesty programs (and de facto amnesty where we refuse to enforce our own immigration law) invite more lawbreakers to reap the fruits of American laziness, enforcement of existing laws (or even the threat of enforcing existing laws) has shown it will send illegal aliens scrambling.

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Though we are far from the southern border where most of our problem is, South Dakota is also far from immune from its effects. For decades we have had problems with illegal aliens living and working in South Dakota.  Just last year, Huron Police Chief Doug Schmitt spoke out about the large number of illegal aliens employed by area businesses.  Instead of being commended, illegal alien apologists snatched his badge.

Last year, the South Dakota Legislature had an opportunity to begin doing what our federal government REFUSES to do (enforce our own laws), but instead the Republican-led body chose to allow itself to be led around by the nose by bleeding-heart liberal interests that are quite happy to provide some fresh Democrat voters from south of the border. Instead of acting in defense of South Dakota and her citizens, some in the legislature chose instead to vilify and allow others to vilify the sponsor of a bill to deal with illegal immigration. The “Republican” controlled committee shot down bills to control illegal immigration not once but twice last year. With “Republicans” like this, who needs Democrats?

This year, the South Dakota Legislature has more opportunities to deal with the problem of illegal immigration.  HB 1238 would “establish sanctions relating to the hiring of illegal aliens.”  SB 155 would “prohibit the employment of unauthorized aliens and to provide penalties therefor.”

Will the “Republicans” who control the South Dakota Legislature with a supermajority choose to vote like Republicans this year?  Based on last year’s record, the only hope we have of seeing that happen will be if you, the people of South Dakota, hold their feet to the fire and let them know you expect them to act like Republicans and defend the interests of the taxpayers.

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