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paying_billsOn February 12, 2015, I received some mail from a senior citizen client from Crown Point, Indiana. She wanted to know why she received notice from Medicare that she owed nothing on a bill for $995 for medical services.

She sent to me her Medicare Summary Notice. It reported that a medical service provider filed a claim with Medicare for services totaling $995. But, Medicare refused to pay for it and told the client that she owed nothing. The client was worried that the medical service provider might sue her for the $995.

I reviewed the bill and phoned the client to tell her that she should not worry. The footnotes in the Medicare Summary Notice stated that the service could not be paid when provided from the named provider/facility and that our client should not be billed anything for the service.

Such a footnote may indicate that the medical service provider failed to file paperwork with Medicare properly in order to have the legal standing as a medical service that could file a claim with Medicare. Pretending to be in good standing with Medicare while really not being so would be like an act of fraud to an unsuspecting senior citizen.

In this case, the medical service provider will have to “eat” the bill.

The help that I gave our client was FREE OF CHARGE. The management and staff of this insurance agency really do care about our senior citizen clients. We “go the extra mile” to protect them from medical bill errors that could cost them money. Does your insurance agent or agency give this high standard of service to senior citizen clients? If not, why not?

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