SOS: Speaking of Seniors - We Made No Money On It


phoneThe fall is the busiest time in our insurance agency because that is the time that the federal government schedules for senior citizens to review and consider changing their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan coverage.

Last fall, I brought some papers to the office of our agent Sam Ulayyet to discuss a problem with him. I saw that he was on the phone. I did not want to interrupt him. So, I patiently waited at the door until he was finished.

While I waited, I heard him helping a senior citizen. He told the client that he had researched what plans were available at a reasonable cost for a person who takes the medicines that this senior was taking. Sam Ulayyet told the client that there were good plans with three different firms. Our agency represented two of the firms with good plans, but not the insurance company with the best or lowest cost plan. He told the senior that the senior would have to phone that company directly to get that plan because we don’t represent it.

Imagine that. Sam Ulayyet, the nephew of the founder of this insurance agency, helped a senior citizen to choose the best Medicare Part D prescription drug plan available for that senior despite the fact that this insurance agency would make no money – no service commission – on the sale of the plan that was best for that senior citizen.

Do you know of any other insurance agent or insurance agency that balances the need to make money to stay in business with the commitment to service to senior citizens in as unselfish a way as this? I don’t.

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