SOS: Speaking of Seniors - Helping a Portage Widow

Man in despair over billsOn October 6, 2014, a widow came to my office for help with medical bills. The woman is from Portage, Indiana. So far, the bills totaled almost $3,000.

Her husband had passed away less than four weeks before our meeting and she was worried because she was getting medical bills regarding services during his last few days alive. Because she was so nervous and upset, I let her sit in my office as I investigated the bills because I believed that it would be better for her than sitting and waiting in our waiting room.

In a few minutes she heard others tell me over the phone that her late husband’s Medicare supplement insurance company had not yet received the claims for which she was getting bills. To calm the widow, I wrote letters to the medical service providers that sent the bills and told them to be patient because Medicare had not yet sent the claims to the deceased patient’s insurance company.

When the client left the office, she was more calm. The work that I did to help her was free of charge. This insurance agency distinguishes itself from other insurance agencies in at least two ways: (1) We shop insurance companies for lower rates for our clients, and (2) We help clients when a medical bill error caused by a mistake in the Medicare system threatens to harm our client financially.

The next day in a local newspaper I read that Wal-Mart will team with to sell health insurance in over 4,000 Wal-Mart stores. I doubt that these firms will give the personal service and assistance to clients that local insurance agents can give – especially when there’s a medical bill mistake that could cost the client thousands of dollars.

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