SOS: Speaking of Seniors - Government and Turtles

turtleWhat do the federal government and turtles have in common? Speed!

One of our senior citizen clients got married in October 2013. After her honeymoon, she did the responsible thing and asked the Social Security Administration to change the name on her social security card to her new, married name. A few weeks later, she got a new card with her married name. But, Medicare never sent her a new Medicare ID card with her new last name.

She told me that she phoned Medicare but could not get through to talk to someone. So, she phoned the Social Security Administration and asked about her Medicare ID card. She was told to be patient and allow the information to “trickle down” to Medicare because it just takes some time for Social Security to get the information to Medicare.

On September 16, 2014, she came to my office to get my help. The name on her Medicare supplement insurance ID card could not be changed to her new name until it was changed on her Medicare ID card. It had been over six months since someone at Social Security told her to be patient and allow time for the new name information to “trickle down” to Medicare. When she was at my office, we phoned Medicare and were told that Social Security never changed her name in its computer system and, thus, never informed Medicare about the name change. It was almost a year since she had married.

Because this problem involves two federal agencies, I decided to prepare documents for our client to sign in order to send a complaint about these agencies to her congressman. Federal agencies and bureaucrats tend to respond faster than turtles when a congressman asks about a complaint by a voter in the congressman’s district.

The help that I provided to this client was FREE OF CHARGE. Everyone at this insurance agency really cares about our senior citizen clients. We do our best to help to protect seniors when an insurance related problem threatens to do financial harm. Does your insurance agency give this high standard of service to its senior citizen clients? If not, why not?

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