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moneyOn September 21, 2015, I worked on a medical bill problem for a client from Valparaiso, Indiana.

She sent me a copy of a bill and asked me if she should pay the bill. She bought a very good Medicare supplement insurance policy through our insurance agency. I investigated why she was getting a bill and learned that she should not be getting a bill.

Her insurance company had attempted to pay the bill – twice. The billing service is not serving its client well. Its client is the doctor who gave services to our client. I wrote a letter to both the billing service and the director of billing at the hospital where the services were rendered. Here is part of that letter.

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The services were rendered on 04/01/2015 The client’s Medicare supplement insurance company tried the pay the balance on 06/15/15 with a VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD payment with the confirmation token number of XXXXXX. THE BILLING SERVICE NEVER CASHED THIS PAYMENT. The payment attempt expired on August 31. Then, on September 15, the client’s Medicare supplement insurance company issued and sent check number XXXXXXXXX to pay the balance. As of the date of this letter, that check had not yet been cashed.

All the time that our client’s insurance company has attempted to pay the balance of the bill, our senior citizen client has been billed repeatedly. There is no reason to make an elderly person worry about a bill when her insurance company has attempted to pay. Someone who is responsible for receiving and crediting payment has made a mistake. Alerting management to that problem is the purpose of this letter. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Let’s avoid this problem in the future and not make seniors worry needlessly. That is unfair to them.

The help that I gave this client was FREE OF CHARGE. This insurance agency distinguishes itself by “going the extra mile” to help our clients in such matters. Does your insurance agent or agency give this high standard of service to senior citizen clients? If not, why not?

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