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radioSeveral times recently, I noticed federal government sponsored radio or TV ads telling people that now is the “open enrollment period” when you can review your Medicare policy coverage. That is sloppy, irresponsible advertising.

The ads should specify that October 15 to December 7 is the open enrollment period for only Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage plans) and Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans). A senior can review and switch a Medicare Supplement plan ANY TIME OF THE YEAR.

Many times when our agents suggests reviewing Medicare Supplement plans during the rest of the year, our senior citizen clients tell us that they thought they could do that only during the “open enrollment” period. The federal government’s bad advertising causes this confusion. Our insurance agency experiences another problem because of the federal government’s sloppy advertising, too. Many clients start calling our office to make an appointment to review their Medicare supplement plan when they don’t need that review and we are busy helping our clients to review Medicare Part C and Part D plans.

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Helping a client to review a Medicare Part D plan is a lot of work. First, get a list of all a client’s medications. Second, check the internet for which plans offer those medicines at lower than average costs. Third, review the findings with the client and explain the differences and the choices. Fourth, ask what the client’s decision is. Fifth, help the client to complete an application if the client decides to switch from one plan to another. Sixth, fax and/or mail the application for the client. Seventh, wait and help the client to respond to any questions from the company offering the plan.

Maybe the federal government and its ad agencies don’t know how to communicate the facts in clear and concise manner because they don’t really understand the details of the Medicare system themselves.

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