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SamaritanAs of February 15, 2015, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) requires everyone in the country to have health insurance or the I.R.S. will impose and collect a penalty. But, there are some exceptions to this rule.

One big exception exists for people who can honestly sign a sworn document that they are Christians who don’t use tobacco products, don’t abuse alcohol, don’t use illegal drugs, and do not engage in sex outside heterosexual marriage. Christian health cost sharing organizations are often a less expensive alternative to health insurance company coverage.

Such Christian health care cost organizations have existed for years. But, because they are not-for-profit entities, they rarely advertise. In fact, the only “advertising” that I found them doing was just explaining their system on their respective websites.

There are three main organizations and each have similar rules. The rates are much lower than many insurance company policies. For example, one such organization has an individual coverage rate of only $150 per month and another has a rate of only $180. One of these groups will cover a complete family for only $405 per month and a single parent family for only $250 per month. There are small but significant differences among these groups.

The three main Christian health care cost sharing groups are Samaritan Ministries (, Christian Health Ministries (, and Medi-Share ( There may be other similar organizations for other religious groups, but I did not find any when I searched the internet.

I hope that this information and article are a real BLESSING to many people who are having trouble paying for coverage from a for-profit insurance company.

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