SOS: Speaking of Seniors - Ask Candidates These Questions!

Fox_News_DebateFor over a dozen years, I have helped senior citizens with Medicare related medical bill problems. In less than eight years, I saved clients of the insurance agency where I work over one million dollars by fighting mistakes in the Medicare system. You know that my heart is for helping senior citizens. But, we don’t know the hearts of many candidates who are asking seniors for their votes.

I suggest that every senior ask every candidate for Congress or President these questions:

1. Would you work to change Obamacare so that it does not hurt senior citizens? In July of 2012, a federal agency published a report that Obamacare would cut Medicare benefits for senior citizens by $716 billion. So, Obamacare “mugs and robs” every senior citizen in the country. Also, Obamacare really did establish a “death panel” as Sarah Palin alleged. But, Obamacare does not call it that. Every Congressman and Senator who voted for Obamacare voted to cut Medicare benefits by $716 billion and establish the federal “death panel” to save the federal government money by ending medical services for some people – mostly older people.

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2. Would you work to reverse the anti-senior citizen Obama policies such as the redefinitions of “in-patient” and “out-patient” by Obama which caused the problem of “Self-Administered Drugs” bills for senior citizens who visit a hospital? This problem has cost senior citizens who visit a hospital billions of dollars since Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder rewrote the legal definitions that every doctor and hospital must use. Because of this Obama policy against senior citizens, the costs of most medicines taken while in a hospital is billed to the senior citizen with little or no help from Medicare. The problem and work of getting some reimbursement from a Medicare Part D plan insurance policy is pushed onto the senior citizen, too. The reimbursement, if any, is only a fraction of what the senior citizen must pay.

If the candidate can’t or won’t give you a promise that the candidate is willing to fight to change these anti-senior citizen policies of Obamacare and the Obama administration, then I suggest that you and your relatives and friends decide not to support that candidate.

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