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Some ‘Republicans’ Hungry to Tax You, Too

November 30, 2012   ·   By   ·   2 Comments

hungrySouth Dakota RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard has a column out today which laments that some of your money isn’t making it into government coffers.

Specifically, he is whining about the tax revenue which is “lost” when South Dakotans purchase things online rather than in a store located in our state. He makes the typical liberal RINO bleat about “I do not support raising tax rates…” and then the But Monkey comes on stage to distract us with some smoke and mirrors about “equity and uniformity.’

Remember that in most cases, you will have to pay shipping and handling charges when ordering online that you don’t have to pay in a local store. Therefore, any pricing advantage an online store might have over a local store due to the sales tax issues is moot. In fact, the shipping and handling charges are likely to be far more than the sales tax would have been.

Also, if the online merchant is based in another state, it is very possible that the merchant is going to face corporate taxes imposed on them by that state, which means this taxation cost of doing business will already be built into the price of even goods that are sold online-further creating that “equity” which Daugaard talks about.

Add to that the factor of delayed gratification. Unless you pay extra for fast delivery (further negating any price advantage to an absence of sales tax), you’re going to have to wait a week or two to receive your online purchase…when you could have it NOW by buying it locally. That’s a powerful incentive to purchase locally, especially if you have a pressing need for the item.

“Equity?” It seems the deck is already stacked against online purchases as it is, with the absence of sales tax being a very tiny (dare I say “insignificant”) plus.

I have a number of friends who own businesses here in South Dakota, and I am very sympathetic to their need to make money and be competitive.  But we must not allow ourselves to become distracted by the politics of envy-liberal politics which have little to do with helping people and everything to do with feeding and growing government.  People who want to grow government are masters of misdirection. The politics of envy has no place in the Republican Party or conservative circles. The Left likes to deceive us into cheering them on as they stick it to some of our fellow Americans by making us think government is “looking out for us”…when in reality, government is only looking out for itself.

No, this has absolutely zilch to do with “equity” and everything to do with an insatiable hunger by the state government for more of YOUR money.

Since this kind of pro-tax liberal attitude is what apparently passes for “Republican” values in South Dakota, we have a serious problem with the “Republican” Party in this state. (It remains to be seen whether Republicans in Washington D.C. will cave in and sell out the American people to higher taxes nationally.)

With the Democrats hungry to take our money and grow government, and apparently “Republicans” are just as hungry for both (with the only difference being the “Republicans” claim they aren’t), South Dakotans have no party with any power which can and will defend their interests. Both major parties in this state are infested with liberalism and are quite eager to sell out their constituents to the government maw.

South Dakota needs real Republicans who will stand strong for Republican values of limited government.  We need leaders who will protect those values within our state, and who will protect our state from the ravages of federal liberalism that is tearing our nation to shreds.  In 2014, we need a real Republican for governor.

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  • SDJammer

    Bob, I hear what you are saying and tend to agree with your line of thinking. However, there are always two sides to every coin. I really think the other side needs to be considered. And by that, I don’t mean the liberal line of thought which does somewhat follow Governor Daugaard’s thought process.

    What I am referring to could be a conservative thought process. I believe that if a government entity is going to have a tax it must do one thing and one thing only and that is to raise revenue for the government entity. Therefore, any use of a tax to encourage people to purchase goods on-line deviates from that principle.

    The other issue is that ANY tax must be broad based. It is flat out wrong for any government entity to be picking winners and losers in the collection of taxes. Therefore, to exempt purchases over the Internet clearly in my mind chooses on-line retailers over brick and mortar retailers that support the local economy. However, this does not come down to the “emotional” ploy that it is hurting the local guy. It is all about some politician saying we are going to have a sales tax and these guys here don’t have to pay (winners) but you guys over there do (losers).
    I really like the idea of a Flat Tax or Fair Tax with no dedections or loopholes at the federal level and I think that when you apply that concept to a state sales tax, there is a reasonable arguement to at least be considered and debated in this matter.

    As a result, I really do think that there “could be” a legitimate argument against your line of thinking BASED ON CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES. Trust me; I don’t like paying more taxes any better than you. However, if we are going to be consistent as conservatives and stick to conservative principles, there just might be two sides to this argument?

    • Bob Ellis

      Your statements are logical and well reasoned. I don’t disagree with any of them.

      Unfortunately, Gov. Daugaard instead chose a “rationale” that sounds more like the divisive envy politics that comes from Leftist Democrats. It is clear that he thinks like a liberal instead of a conservative with his bogus talk of “equity” where, at a minimum, it already exists in favor of the local business.

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