Sodomite ‘Marriage’ Ruling Means Dark Days Ahead For USA

rainbow_homosexualSince the last round of twisted, egregious Supreme Court dictates, it has been easy to sit by in numb grief for our nation, because many of us have been warning, like a broken record, that these lawless things were on the way.  Even so, strongly expecting the Court to do the wrong thing and finally seeing it happen are two different things.  The reality of it is a body blow.  We have seen plenty of bad Supreme Court decisions, and it’s hard to top Roe v. Wade for badness, but the outrageous ruling on sodomy-based “marriage” is pretty much the final nail in the coffin of the formerly-free Republic of the United States of America, because it will result in the destruction of our God-given, First Amendment-protected freedoms, if there is not massive push-back by the American people.  Do you see that push-back happening?  Me, neither.

There have been many excellent commentaries roundly refuting the legitimacy of the Court’s hellish decision to destroy the meaning of marriage, something the justices of the Court do not have the power nor the authority to do.  In their profound arrogance and utter disregard for the Constitution, they made the ruling anyway, and although they handed down this evil edict, they did not change what marriage is, because they can’t.  Marriage is one thing only, the union of a man and a woman.  It will never be anything else, no matter how many rulings and laws born in the pit of Hell say otherwise.

The persecution of Christians in the United States will now begin in earnest, as we have not seen thus far in our nation.  While many associate murder with persecution, we’re not quite there—yet (but, give it time).  Persecution does not necessarily involve outright killing.  In addition to slander, defamation, intimidation and other personal attacks, it can mean “legal” assaults on people that cause them to lose their jobs, their money, their private property, their businesses and their freedom.  These things have already been happening in cases across the nation, from bakers and photographers to bed and breakfast owners to company CEOs.

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With the Supreme Court imposing the abomination of sodomite “marriage” on the United States, we will now see Christian groups and organizations, schools and churches come under lawfare waged by homosexualist foot soldiers, who are the tools of the Marxist cultural revolution that ramped up in the 1960s and has been thrown into warp speed under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is).  The goal of this demonic campaign, of which the militant homosexual movement is a central part, has always been the destruction of Christian freedom and expression and the moral and societal foundations of our once-great nation.

The endgame is tyranny over the people, because that is the devil’s desire, and the people of this movement do his dark will.  Whether it’s the homofascist movement, the illegal alien invasion, the war on our energy sector, the heavy-handed federal commandeering of natural resources, even the bolstering of our Muslim enemies abroad and more, we face tyrannical evil on a number of fronts emanating from the communists in the malicious Obama regime and their fellow travelers who now run our nation and its major institutions.

It took them about a hundred years, but the communists, led by the forces of Hell, have finally just about sealed the deal in taking down the United States of America.  Don’t bother telling me it isn’t so, or that I’m a “quitter” for observing the obvious, or that after we elect some more “Republicans” (again) all will be well.  It will not be well, because what’s wrong with America is something no election can fix.  What’s wrong with America is a deep corruption of the soul, and the devilish success of the radical homosexual/”transgender” movement is a testament to that deep corruption.

This movement is evil.  The Supreme Court ruling destroying marriage is evil.  The highest court in the United States has, by the largest, lawless edict yet, given “legitimacy” to abominable sexual behavior and imposed a grotesquery of “marriage” on the nation.  Dark days of tyranny are ahead.  Our freedoms are hanging by a thread, because God is not mocked.  No nation can spit in His holy face, as this nation is doing, and imagine it will come away unscathed.  No king in his White House castle can, in haughty pride, illuminate the castle with the hijacked colors of God’s rainbow and not pay a dear price for his belligerent affront to the God of all creation.  The rainbow belongs to God, and one day every person will admit he knew it all along.  Satan has been in heaven, and that means he has seen God’s rainbow around His throne (Revelation 4), and as the dirtiest stroke of insolence he can conjure against the Lord, he has inspired the reprobate minds of his homosexualist pawns to hijack that rainbow as a symbol of their degenerate wickedness.  This does not end well for our nation.

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  • franklinb23

    “In addition to slander, defamation, intimidation and other personal attacks, it can mean “legal” assaults on people that cause them to lose their jobs, their money, their private property, their businesses and their freedom.”

    Do you believe Christians have a moral obligation to fire gays from non-religious positions (or not hire them in the first place)?

    Just curious.

    • Thisoldspouse

      First, you have to specifically define “gays.” That is such a nebulous, politically concocted, charged word that just spouting it doesn’t contribute to the conversation in the least.

      “Gay,” depending on whoever is using the phrase, can mean numerous things. It can mean simply someone who experiences same-sex attraction, whether they embrace it and celebrate it or not. It can be a rabid activist. It can be just someone who used to act on attractions to those of the same sex, but has overcome these impulses. Or, as we are incessantly told by the homosexual left, it can be someone who firmly opposes the homosexual agenda, who are always allegedly “in the closet.”

    • WXRGina


    • Bob Ellis

      (I laughed out loud a Gina’s direct answer, BTW)

      Here’s the way I would handle, for a secular business I might own, the hiring of homosexuals, or the continued employment of a homosexual if I later found out he/she was a homosexual after they were hired.

      Given the vicious, petty, going-out-of-their-way-to-hurt-people-of-faith manner in which a number of homosexuals have behaved in recent years, I wouldn’t hire someone I was pretty sure was a homosexual if you gave me a million dollars. Just not worth inviting a viper into the place where I’m expending my hard work, capital, hopes and dreams. Or as the Bible puts it, it wouldn’t be worth scooping fire into my lap. If so many homosexuals hadn’t acted the way so many homosexuals have in recent years, I probably wouldn’t have any qualms, so long as they could behave while on duty…but given what I’ve seen, not a chance.

      As for a homosexual in my employ and I found out after he/she had already been hired, so long as he didn’t try to dictate how I run my business, and didn’t bring discredit on my business with his behavior (e.g. homosexual PDA at work or at work functions that would bring discredit on the image I want to display to the public), and his work performance was otherwise acceptable, I would see no need to fire him/her. Hopefully I would have opportunity during their employ to witness the changing power of Christ to them…and hopefully they wouldn’t later make me regret my decision to keep them on with a lawsuit or some other attack.

      That’s what I’d do.

      • Thisoldspouse

        Bob, even if a homosexual employee is low-key, unobtrusive and not acting petty, they are subject to being actively recruited by the big activist homosexual groups, like the SPLC, HRC, Lambda Legal and ACLU. These groups despise devout Christians and the companies they own, and will stir up trouble out of hatred for them, using an already embedded homosexual as leverage. That’s why their literature always includes solicitations to any “who thinks they’ve suffered discrimination” for being a homosexual on the job. There are some people who can’t turn down the prospect of free $$$ just for letting the Gaystapo use them, and they’ll willingly play along.

        So, your reasoning is sound. I wouldn’t knowingly hire an open homosexual either.

      • franklinb23

        “Given the vicious, petty, going-out-of-their-way-to-hurt-people-of-faith manner in which a number of homosexuals have behaved in recent years” …

        You’re looking at the over-publicized cases. How many of these are there? A couple dozen at most?

        I’ve worked in a number of billion-dollar financial services and insurance companies in IT over the years in a relatively liberal city. Out of the hundreds or even thousands of employees I’ve encountered, I’m not even sure I know how many gay employees there were. I’m sure they existed, but they must have kept it to themselves.

        I can tell you that one manager fired a contractor because he “didn’t want a dyke” working for him (so I’ve heard). It’s not like she was some militant activist, but she looked the part, I guess.

        In other words, I think your fears are not grounded in reality. PDAs?Who’s making out with someone at work or trying to? We live in a culture where unwanted sexual advances are immediate grounds for termination. I’ve never seen it. Not in over 15 years.

  • AJ Castellitto

    My response to Dr. Brown’s debate with an HP columnist trying to play defense with the next polygamous marital play……

    “Dr. Brown, holds the consistent position. Folks like (HuffingtonPost columnist) James Peron are on the defense and they know it….. Most liberal ‘progressives’ understand that the marriage door is wide open and at the end of the day they are completely ok with that…… So there is the spiritual moral standard associated with obedience to God’s natural laws but there is also a practical secular side to the argument…… Might as well blow up the tax code as those dang lawyers are going to be working overtime trying to make sense of it all as our local, state and fed government tries to figure out how to legislate this increasingly arbitrary mess in the civil & private sectors…… Land of Confusion growing loonier by the minute!!!