So you think Clinton came out the winner?

Hillary_Clinton_BenghaziI can’t believe all this press that makes Hillary Clinton look like a winner after her appearance at the Benghazi hearing.  Sorry, folks who think she is because she’s not.  She was once again proven to have lied.  You do know what the word “lie” means, don’t you? That’s a pretty important little bit of information to have and to consider, especially when it applies to someone seeking an elected office and in particular — the presidency.

I am at a loss for words.  Well, maybe not words, but non-ranting ones.

How can you Hillary supporters support someone you know has so obviously lied?

Ted Cruz 2016


Hillary Clinton was involved in the claim that the Benghazi attack was the result of a film.  At the hearing, Hillary Clinton email — not someone else’s — was presented that shows she knew full-well that it wasn’t a protest over a film, but rather, a terrorist attack.  So, she lied to the public.  She lied to me.  She lied to you.  You are okay with that?  It doesn’t make you wonder why she lied then or what else she has lied about or worry about what she might lie about that will affect you personally in a negative fashion?

It should.

Lying isn’t something that people should be proud of or consider a part of a politician’s job description.  An elected official is supposed to be accountable to the people, not self or party. Therefore, the people, have every right to the truth, not some made-up story to cover-up or to sell a defective idea or plan.  You do get that, don’t you?  The concept isn’t above your comprehension grade, I hope.

Let me ask a question.

Let’s say you only have a $1,000 and someone approaches you to invest it in a project.  You know this person didn’t handle other peoples’ investments properly and has been caught lying and when confronted — either lied some more or didn’t give a straight answer.  Would you: simply donate your $1,000 to that person and praise yourself for being so enlightened and progressive; be skeptical and ask more questions: or, simply say — no way and hang onto your cash?

Now, change $1,000 and investments to “life” and ask yourself the same question.  Ask yourself why you are so willing to donate yourself and others to the whims of those politicians who are using you (and others) for their own purpose and profit.

You’d feel a fool, if you fell for a con person’s non-political ploy that ripped off your $1,000, yet you are proud of yourself for being a conned voter?  How ironic.



Ask yourself why the lies and deception hasn’t matter to you thus far and what it would take to make it matter.

Now, tell me why you think Hillary Clinton came out of the hearing a “winner”, when she was caught lying once again.  Her own emails tell us so.  What else do you need?  What else do you need to finally care?

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