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Senator Thune Endorses RINO Romney

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This is extremely disappointing.

I like Senator John Thune (R-SD) personally, as well as a number of people on his staff.

Most of his votes have been good for South Dakota and the rest of the United States.

Most of his votes have accurately reflected true Republican values.

So why does he continually support RINOs?  He supported RINO John McCain in 2008, which guaranteed a loss to the Democrats, and now he’s endorsed Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney, which would guarantee another Democrat victory in 2012.

From Fox News:

South Dakota Sen. John Thune is the latest high-profile backer to announce his support for Mitt Romney for president — offering an endorsement during an Iowa campaign stop Wednesday.

In a statement emailed by the Romney campaign, Thune, a potential vice presidential short-lister, said Romney’s economic prowess led him to endorse the former Massachusetts governor.

“Mitt Romney has shown throughout his life in the private sector, as leader of the Olympics, as governor and in this campaign that he will not back down from difficult challenges,” he said. “His plans to revitalize the private sector and restore our country’s fiscal health are drawn from his 25-year career as a businessman.”

I’m sorry, Senator Thune, but that is not even close to being enough to merit supporting Romney for president.

As I have pointed out before, Romney is nothing but a two-faced liberal with an “R” after his name. The “R” doesn’t mean squat if it isn’t backed up by a record of dedication to Republican values.

Sadly, Romney has a record of acting like a liberal, someone who would be more at home in the Democrat Party than in the Republican Party.

Romney forced socialized medicine on the people of Massachusetts, resulting in higher health care costs, diminished quality, and less access to health care-all the things that always come with government health care systems.  Government health car systems are always a millstone around the neck of the economy; so much for Romney’s “economic prowess.” His socialized health care scheme was the prototype for the unconstitutional ObamaCare scheme, and everybody knows it, even if he won’t admit it. One of the experts who helped him create RomneyCare admits it, even if he insists on continuing to lie about it.  Sorry, Mr. Romney: no matter how much lipstick you put on RomneyCare, it’s still a socialist pig.  I have zero confidence that someone who would do this to the people of their own state understands why this is bad for America.

Romney is an anthropogenic global warming apostle who has shown great willingness to shaft the taxpayers of his state to pay tithes to this hokey religion. Environmental extremism is already choking freedom and the American economy, but Romney did what he could to add even more during his tenure as governor of Massachusetts.  America does not need another president who believes in the hoax of AGW and wants to burden businesses and people with cap and trade global warming tax schemes; we already have one with a “D” after his name, and we gain nothing by trading him for one with an “R” after his name.

Romney also has a duplicitous record on abortion. While he acts like a Republican now with his claims of supporting life, his past support for this barbaric practice-including abortion coverage in RomneyCare-says differently.  Sorry, epiphanies on the campaign trail are worthless.

He also practically invited homosexual activists to counterfeit marriage in Massachusetts, appointing activist judges and laying out the red carpet for the assault on marriage.

As bad as Barack Obama’s poll numbers are, a Romney nomination almost guarantees another four years for Obama.  How can I be so sure?

For one thing, I’ve known a number of Republicans over the years who have more integrity than I do, and who refused to even hold their nose to vote for RINOs like Bob Dole and John McCain.  I have already decided that if Mitt Romney is handed the GOP nomination in 2012, I will be leaving the presidential slot on my ballot blank.  I refuse to vote for a Democrat who has a “R” after his name. And I am far from alone.

George Will, whom I would not consider the most stalwart conservative out there, recognizes this and said so a few weeks ago:

Republican successes down the ticket will depend on the energies of the tea party and other conservatives, who will be deflated by a nominee whose blurry profile in caution communicates only calculated trimming.

Republicans have historic energy and momentum on their side right now with the Tea Party movement and general disgust in America with liberalism now that it has been fully exposed. And the GOP establishment is willing to throw all that away??? Insanity!  Complete insanity!

We have historic energy levels on our side, and we have historic dissatisfaction with liberalism…and we’re going to, as Will says, “settle for this?”  Settle for a liberal with an “R” after his name?

Why is the Republican establishment so desperate to lose?

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