Senator-Elect Mike Rounds Officially Joins Surrender Caucus

RINO_strategyIt didn’t take long for South Dakota U.S. Senator-elect Mike Rounds to move from merely cheering for the Surrender Caucus of gutless “Republicans” in Washington D.C. to officially joining their ranks.


When President Obama openly says he will refuse to obey his oath to the Constitution, will violate the separation of powers outlined by the U.S. Constitution and refuse to enforce our nation’s immigration and border laws, Senator-elect Mike Rounds joins the RINO leadership by handing over his testicles and promising to never, ever use them.

From the Argus Leader:

“This is not the time in which you shut down government,” Rounds said Thursday. “We want to be seen as being responsive to the president’s actions, but having a response which is mature and with a specific outcome in mind — not just done out of anger, but with a clear desire to fix the system as opposed to create more problems.”

Some Republican lawmakers have said withholding funding for the government — thus causing a shutdown — could be one way to block Obama’s immigration move. Others, including GOP leaders, have poured cold water on such speculation.

Those who were paying attention this past election season may recall that Mike Rounds has long been known as soft on illegal immigration. It’s no wonder Round’s fondness for amnesty helped cost him the support of the Senate Conservatives Fund-you know, the organization that supports real conservatives.

Perhaps it escaped Rounds and his fellow testicle-bereft “Republicans,” but if Republicans refuse to provide funding for Obama’s lawlessness, and Obama refuses to sign a spending bill authorizing spending for the rest of government except Obama lawlessness, it will be Obama who is shutting down the government, not Republicans. Stop allowing the Left to lie!

Come on, guys (including Mr. Rounds): You wanted to lead; now grow a pair (heck, borrow a pair from real Republican, if you have to) and lead! America is counting on you!

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