Senate Immigration Reform Bill is Unfair and Racist

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) against amnesty

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) against amnesty

Fourteen Republican Senators and all the Democrat Senators voted for the Immigration Reform bill. All of them should be branded as unfair and racist.

Amnesty for illegal aliens puts them ahead of people who have applied to come to the U.S. legally. That is both unfair and racist. It is a racism which favors those from south of our border and disfavors legal applicants from Africa, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere.

It is unfair and racist in another way, too. There are legal aliens in this country and Americans who are looking for jobs. Amnesty for illegal aliens who are here will flood the labor market even more to hurt Americans and legal immigrants who want work. It is like telling these workers to “get to the back of the line because we want to help these illegal aliens more than we want to help you.”

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If amnesty is granted before the borders are secured, millions of illegals will flood across our border and falsely claim to have been here before amnesty was granted. That will hurt American and legal immigrant workers even more.

All the Senators who voted for the Senate Immigration Reform bill are unfair and racist!

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