Sean Hannity Figures It Out

eyes_glasses_vision_look_see_bnLooks like Sean Hannity has figured out what many of us conservatives knew several years ago: “Republican” Speaker of the House John Boeher is a lying, gutless RINO who has no business “leading” Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The “Republican” leadership has made it clear that they will not fight amnesty, they will not fight ObamaCare, and they will not rein in spending. The GOP “leadership” has, just a month after being elected to power, made it clear they will not legislate they way they campaigned. They campaigned as conservatives…and now they govern like liberals.

If you can’t champion Republican principles and goals, you need to get the heck out of the way for someone who can and will.

Ted Cruz 2016


With the GOP establishment leadership already betraying the American people, just a month after being handed a historic victory…maybe America will finally see what a bunch of worthless sellouts the “Republican” leadership is.  Maybe.  The downside is that, even if they do finally see that, we have another two years before we can throw the current crop of bums out…and the credibility of the Republican Party is yet again damaged further in the meantime.

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