Rush Limbaugh’s Epiphany on the Two-Party Deception

Rush Limbaugh has conceded! He has admitted that for the first time he cannot argue against those who insist that both political parties are the same!

Rush then proceeded to reflect back and share a story about how early in his career a high-profile Republican donor approached him at a gathering and threateningly declared,

“What are you gonna do about the Christians!?!?!”

Rush explained to this gentleman that you cannot win unless you have the support of ‘social-minded’ Christians. You cannot give up that many votes and still win.

Rush further explained that the Republican Party, even more so than the Democrats, have become the ‘donor party.’ These donors are strictly big business - more profits and less regulations are all that truly concerns them. They are the ideological antithesis of the average small-time, moral-minded, conservative. Specifically, those proud Americans who cherish their country, their churches and their constitution. The donor will give all that up, even the nation’s sovereignty, for greater expansion and profits. It’s not like compromised borders are going to negatively impact them (in terms of living standard or daily quality of life issues) like it would middle-class residents residing near the border (and/or the average citizen in general). They are merely focused on their own business growth and personal gain.

This is why Jeb Bush is looking to run without the support of the modern day moral majority - a.k.a, the Tea Party.

Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, and everything in between, are merely a thorn in their side. Our votes are not sought in an effort to preserve our nation or our Constitution. We vote so big donors and their big businesses can have their way in the form of cheap labor, diminished international trade/commerce restrictions, and less government regulation. Throw in the ‘globalists-trilateralists-socialists’ on both sides of the aisle and is it a wonder that the constitution has been rendered toilet paper and birdcage liner?

No longer should we be surprised when they fail to fight against their own personal interests. The GOP acquiesce is merely a lay down by design. The system has been wholly corrupted. They want our support and our taxes, but they don’t want us!

For Limbaugh (and numerous others in our day) hindsight is 20/20!

Our government is seeking only ‘good’ representatives! Ted Cruz need not apply!

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  • retiredday

    I’m glad Rush has finally come around. Perhaps he will have some good influence. Unless a majority of voters (and current non-voters) grasp this political reality, I don’t see much of a future for our once-great nation. Savage has some good advice in his latest book: Stop The Coming Civil War, but the most vital thing Christians must do is rely on the Lord — trust and obey!