Rubio Disagreed With Himself on Amnesty

Rubio_amnestyIn 2010 Rubio said we can’t give amnesty to the people who violated our borders and broke our laws because it wouldn’t be fair to those immigrants who have gone by the rules and done things lawfully.

Rubio even went to the point of stating, “Earned path to citizenship is basically code for ‘amnesty.”

That is what Rubio is now pushing with all his might–in addition to the bogus claims that illegal aliens will pay all the taxes they owe (which Democrats now admit was pure bull).

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I think it’s very safe to say that the claims that illegals will pay a fine is also complete and utter bull, since we know that vast numbers of them could never afford to do that, and liberal groups have already been stepping forward with offers to pay their fines for them.

Why does Rubio now disagree with himself in 2012?

What was that Vanessa Williams song? “Oh How the Years Go By.” Will Rubio come back around to solid ground before it’s too late?

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