Rubio Continues to Unimpress Conservatives


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sean Hannity (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sean Hannity (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

As I stated recently, I’m already not impressed by the pro-amnesty, conservative-bashing Marco Rubio and his recently announced candidacy for president in 2016.

And it seems that since he has announced his candidacy, he hasn’t been making the right moves to change that.

As George Rasley at Conservative HQ points out,

in his first post announcement test – the vote on the dangerous Iran nuclear weapons treaty bill put forward by Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker – Rubio voted for that dangerous bill and failed to take the bold conservative stands that would have distinguished him from the huge Republican field.

What’s more, Senator Rubio, who earlier had said he would advance an amendment that would have required the president to certify to Congress that Iran recognizes the state of Israel, wilted and settled for language asserting that the nuclear agreement would not compromise U.S. support for Israel’s right to exist.

Affirmation of Israel’s right to exist is of course is a foundational principle of American foreign policy that was never questioned until Obama became president and Republican leaders on Capitol Hill became not so much the leaders of an opposition party, as a collection of craven cowards who wish only to avoid the unpleasantness actually having principles and standing for them would entail.

If Senator Rubio was trying to communicate to Jewish voters that he would support Israel, his craven retreat on his amendment on Iranian recognition of Israel surely showed them that he could not be trusted to fulfill his commitments to them.

In the absence of strong and morally certain leadership, the world has become a vastly more dangerous place. We cannot be making treaties with nuclear-hungry belligerent sponsors of global terrorism who have demonstrated their willingness to lie and to annihilate our allies.

Also, Shark Tank reports Rubio has said he would attend a counterfeit wedding:

“If it’s somebody in my life that I care for, of course I would,” Sen. Marco Rubio told Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos in an interview on Wednesday. “I’m not going to hurt them simply because I disagree with a choice they’ve made or because I disagree with a decision they’ve made, or whatever it may be,” he added. “Ultimately, if someone that you care for and is part of your family has decided to move in one direction or another or feels that way because of who they love, you respect that because you love them.”

Am I sympathetic to such a hypothetical plight (being asked to attend a counterfeit wedding involving someone you care about)? Of course. But what is more important to Rubio: standing for what is right, or the feelings of people who are intent on doing evil? Because when it comes to attending a wedding, you are giving an implicit affirmation of that union, and if that union is illegitimate and immoral, then you have affirmed immorality.

This is precisely the kind of thing Jesus was talking about when he said:

If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple

Of course Jesus was not calling on people to hate their family. Jesus was using hyperbole to point out that following God’s standard should be so important to us, that it should come before even our blood family members, and be so far above our allegiance to them that in comparison, it might appear that we “hate” them.  Indeed, the modern Left has come to exemplify this truth, because if someone does not applaud their immorality, this is said to be “hate.”

If your values are worth having, you don’t compartmentalize them. They aren’t “good” for in church, but unworthy to be considered at home, or at work, or in the realm of public policy. If a value is worth having in the first place, it should be applicable everywhere they have relevance-which is just about everywhere in life.

The war between good and evil in America-always there and going on in the background-is now fully out in the open and on display for all to see.  What’s more, it rages so hotly and so broadly in our culture that there is no longer any room for fence-sitting or sitting on the sidelines.  Today, if you aren’t on the side of what’s right, you are automatically giving aid and comfort to evil…and if evil hasn’t knocked on your door to force you to join them or face the consequences, it’s only a matter of time.

It’s a time of choosing for all Americans. Unfortuately, Marco Rubio is choosing to empower evil. That’s not an acceptable Republican presidential candidate.

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  • DCM7

    As much as I would like to hope otherwise, my expectation is that Rubio — or someone equally non-conservative — will be the Republican candidate that the Democrats effectively choose for us.
    I’ve seen it happen too many times not to expect it.

    • Bob Ellis

      Sadly I concur. Hoping for the best…while expecting the worst.

  • DCM7

    Wait, Rubio “Continiues”? (Not to mention Religious Freedom Under Fire in the “Miliary”, which has been that way for a while.)

    • Bob Ellis

      Thanks for the corrections. That’s what I get for trying to do too many things at once (and spell check didn’t rescue me). Glad you rescued me. Those misspellings had invalidated the entire articles. :-)