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Roots of Govt Health Care in South Dakota in Zaniya Project

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Tonchi Weaver

Tonchi Weaver

My friend and fellow South Dakota patriot Tonchi Weaver was recently interviewed on Liberty Today about the government health care machinations going on in South Dakota these days (video below).

As Tonchi points out, this push for government health care mandates goes all the way back to 2007 and the Zaniya Project commissioned to study health care in South Dakota. That commission produced a report, but few if any of its findings were acted on…directly.  Perhaps that is because Zaniya found many of the things we’ve always known to be true about government health care to still be true: poor quality, access to health care is not a big problem, etc.

It now seems the attitude to push government health care solutions has remained in South Dakota government, and it isn’t going to be deterred by things like reality, freedom and liberty.

We’ve seen a chasm of dissonance between the words of several “Republican” leaders in South Dakota to claim with their mouths to oppose ObamaCare, while facilitating ObamaCare with their actions and striking down legislation which could help protect the people from ObamaCare.  I learned a long time ago that what people say means very little, especially when their actions say the opposite of their words.

For three years running, several “Republicans” have voted down every Health Care Freedom Act and like legislation designed to send a message to the socialists in Washington D.C. and protect South Dakotans against ObamaCare.

In 2010, South Dakota Senator Gordon Howie introduced a Health Care Freedom Act…which was voted down by the legislature.  I heard from a number of legislators who claimed his bill was “a political stunt” (because Howie was running for governor), and voted against it on that basis.

However, the next year, 2011, another Health Care Freedom Act was introduced (when Howie wasn’t even in the state Senate anymore), and still these two-faced “Republicans” voted it down.

Attempts were made again this year, 2012, to resist ObamaCare…only to die in a legislature with a Republican supermajority.  These ObamaCare-loving “Republicans” look for cover under excuses that all these pro-freedom bills are just “bad bills.”  No attempts from these pro-ObamaCare “Republicans” to fix or make these “bad bills” better; just vote them down and hide behind excuses.

It seems what is coming out of the mouths of these apparently pro-ObamaCare “Republicans” resembles the stuff found on the ground around my rancher father-in-law’s corral than truth.

It seems liberal “Republicans” who love government “solutions” and can’t seem to find it in themselves to support mainstream Republican principles have declared open war on Republicans who dare stand up for freedom and the principles found in the GOP platform.  And the liberties of South Dakotans are the greatest casualty of all.

It’s an election year, and thanks to the hard work of many people in several groups across our state, there are several scorecards available to help South Dakotans learn who is defending their freedom in Pierre…and who wants their freedom under foot.  The primary races will begin very shortly, and the tools are available to make sure we have good candidates within the GOP primary…who can then go on to win in November and be good representatives of the taxpayer’s interests in Pierre next year.

Part 1

Part 2

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  • Zerubbabel

    WHY? In Daschle’s book, “Critical…the Health Care Crisis” he laments that Hillary care fail becuase she didn’t get the Hospitals and Insurnance companies on board. So in advising ObamaCare, $54 BILLION of your tax money was given to the hospitals as incentives to get behind it. (Kelby K said in June 2011 that we must not repeal Obama Care or Sanford would have to go back to the drawing board). Only a few non-profit insurance companies will be allowed in the Health Care Exchange eventually (did you see how wealthy the “non-profit” insurance CEO’s are in Sunday’s Argus?) where they will be “too big to fail” and have any losses cleared away by the Government.                                
    WHY are Governors on board? Daschle says his model is like the Federal Reserve….a big Bank with 7 smaller banks around the country. There will be One Big Exchange with 7 smaller District Exchanges. Good Governors who have  implemented ObamaCare early in their state will be appointed to a 10 year directorship of one of those District Echanges. South Dakota has been doing this since Hillary didn’t start with Zaniya.

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