RINOs Endorse Uncloseted Democrat Over Republicans

Here we see more of the “Republican” type of behavior that RINO Gov. Dennis Daugaard modeled so well in the GOP primary earlier this year.

Only this time, these “Republicans” apparently want to “one up” Daugaard and endorse an open Democrat.

Yes, RINO Gov. Daugaard only endorsed closeted Democrats in the GOP primary–“Republicans” who vote like Democrats. You know, for things like abortion, the homosexual agenda, more taxes, more spending, socialist health care schemes, against gun rights, against dealing with illegal immigration, and the like.

Ted Cruz 2016


Now, these “Republicans” have actually paid for an ad to support an open Democrat over Republicans Hal Wick and Manny Steel in the general election.

Astute conservatives might recall that it was Manny Steele who a couple of years ago was vilified by fellow “Republicans” for having the temerity to want to deal with the problem of illegal immigration in South Dakota–you know, the problem our federal government REFUSES to deal with.

Well, there is one thing I like about this. Though most people already knew these “Republicans” were nothing but liberals with an “R” after their name, they have now provided documentary proof of it.  It’ll be that much easier to reveal them for what they are in the future, any time they try to come out and oppose Republican policy initiatives while claiming to be Republicans.

While there are some “Republicans”  who are stupid enough to be “useful idiot” apologists for anything with an “R” after its name, and still more “Republicans” who act like teenagers who feel compelled to impress their “in crowd” liberal friends, there are still too many of this kind for whom it really isn’t about party.  Oh no. In a state where you have to be a Republican to get elected for the most part, they are quite willing to put on a different “uniform” while still playing for the opposing team. No, for them, it’s about advancing the liberal agenda and opposing the conservative one, regardless of what letter they have after their name. The “Republicans” you see on this card are that latter type of “Republican.”

With “Republicans” like this bunch, who needs Democrats?

RINO Endorsements

RINO Endorsements

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  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis


  • David

    Bob, we have Linda McMahon “R” up here where this RINO is moving towards the Left every day as she seeks to become our US senator.. She will not even mention Romney - another RINO - for fear of losing up here in stone cold blue CT. What is most amazing is the secular progressives up here are labeling her an extremist Republican in the back pocket of the CT Tea Party etc. lol.. It’s all moving to the Left very rapidly these days.

    God speed my brother!


    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      Indeed it is. But greater is He…