RINO Speaker Boehner to Resign

Boehner_Crying_2Thanks to a message from a friend this morning, I woke up to learn that America has received some of the best hope we’ve had in a long, long time: “Republican” Speaker of the House John Boehner is going to resign not only the Speaker’s gavel, but from congress altogether at the end of October!

I started begging Kristi Noem , when she was first elected to congress in 2010, to push to get rid of this worthless cur of a “leader,” and have been pushing in general before and since then. John Boehner is truly one of the most worthless “leaders” I have ever seen in my life.

The only fight to be found in the man is in fighting conservatives who want to advance Republican principles and goals in congress. When it comes to fighting Democrats and the corrosive agenda of poison the Left has been pushing on America, Boehner’s strategy has been to surrender before the Democrats even have a chance to defeat them on the field of battle. And that incessant “uh, um, uh” business when he speaks…the good Lord knows I’m not the best public speaker in the world, but his pathetic manner of speaking evacuates any possible shred of conviction and determination that might otherwise have inhabited his voice. You cannot convince an enemy (much less a friend) of your seriousness and determination when you sound like that; you telegraph uncertainty and a lack of conviction, inviting the enemies of your agenda to trample over you.

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I don’t know whether he just wants to spend more time juicing it up, or whether he’s tired of even pretending to fight, or whether his own pathetic behavior finally shamed him from congress, or whether perhaps a forgotten shred of decency finally rose to the surface and led him to get out of the way for America’s sake.

Now, the few real conservatives there are in congress need to get their act together IMMEDIATELY  and put a real Republican onto the field of battle for the Speaker’s chair.  Tremendous good could be done for this country with a real Republican in the Speaker’s chair.  Though President Obama still holds the veto pen, the right strategy, fought intelligently and aggressively, could force him to sign a number of important issues.

Back when Republicans in congress had a backbone (remember the mid 1990s?), a hungry Republican majority was able to get a number of important fixes past Leftist President Bill Clinton, including historic welfare reform that ended generational dependence, and brought America the first budget surplus (it didn’t last) in ages.

A determined Republican congress, with fire in its belly to advance traditional American principles and to win, could make progress now, even with a radical Leftist like Obama in the White House.

I don’t know where it came from, but this is truly a miracle.  There is now a realistic chance for some positive change on the American political scene.

But like all miracles from God, it can be squandered.  Let us fervently pray that real conservatives in congress fight for the Speaker’s gavel, and that a true leader who is committed to American principles replaces John Boehner.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    The Party out of power should be the “opposition” party. But when the Party IN power never meaningfully opposes the MINORITY party’s insufferable agenda, the guilt is exponentially greater.