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RINO Rounds Applauds GOP Surrender

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Gov. Mike Rounds at Iowa White House Forum on Health Reform, March 2, 2007 (Photo credit:

Gov. Mike Rounds at Iowa White House Forum on Health Reform, March 2, 2007 (Photo credit:

As we see the GOP once again cave and slink away from victory, South Dakota’s favorite-of-liberal-Republicans U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Rounds applauds the surrender.

From Political Smokeout:

Congress had “no choice” but to pass a deal to end the government shutdown and raise the country’s debt ceiling, U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds said Wednesday.

Rounds said he would have “very reluctantly” voted for the measure if he were in Congress. Republicans, he said, should have ended the government shutdown once they realized they didn’t have enough votes to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Yeah, that “reluctance” really fills me with hope and inspiration that he would fight for Republican values in Washington.

A confident stance from the GOP could have won the day (are these guys utterly clueless about negotiation techniques?). But when feckless liberal Republicans broadcast their unwillingness to fight to the Democrats, it makes it hard for even the ones who willing to stand for Republican values to be victorious. It’s rather like a platoon of soldiers who goes into battle…with their leadership sitting in a bunker in the rear, bellyaching about how they can’t win. It’s difficult to be victorious when your “leadership” is determined to surrender.

Between this article and another at Political Smokeout, we really see the men from the boys. Of one Democrat and four people who call themselves Republicans, notice the similarities in the answers…and the differences. Which “Republican” response most closely resembled the response of the Democrat? That is very, very telling.

While RINO Rounds is the only one who is applauding the surrender, only one of the GOP candidates for U.S. Senate really came out and put blame for the government shutdown where it belonged: Stace Nelson. Nelson realizes and isn’t afraid to tell the truth that while the GOP was willing to fund the entire federal government with the exception of the unconstitutional ObamaCare scheme, the Democrats insisted on having that unpopular trainwreck funded, Hell or high water. Despite the propaganda from the “mainstream” media, it is clear who shut down the federal government (if you can call it that) and was determined to take out their spite on the American people in the most painful way possible: the Democrats.

So-called “Republicans” who are not only afraid to stand for the right thing, but are too afraid to even tell the unvarnished truth and lay the blame where it belongs…these are worthless Republicans. Republican politicians have a purpose: to advance Republican principles and goals. If you had a drill that didn’t work and wouldn’t fulfill it’s purpose to drill holes in things, what good would it be to you? If you had a car that wouldn’t run and didn’t fulfill its purpose to take you to your destination, what good would it be to you? If you had a stereo that wouldn’t play music and fulfill its purpose, what good would it be to you? It wouldn’t matter how nice or fancy or neat any of these things might be; if they don’t fulfill their purpose, they’re worthless.

If you want someone representing you in the U.S. Senate who will “reluctantly” ask “How high?” when Democrats tell Republicans to jump, Mike Rounds is your man. If you want someone to represent you in the U.S. Senate who will fold like a cheap suit when the Democrats give him a dirty look, Mike Rounds is your best choice.

It’s clear that the RINO choice is a worthless choice for people who really care about Republican principles and goals.

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