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RINO Pro-Homosexual Agenda Exposed in Dist. 12

October 31, 2012   ·   By   ·   3 Comments

Remember when several “Republicans” recently endorsed a Democrat  in the South Dakota District 12 House race?

While it’s true that every great now and then you find a Democrat whose actually more conservative than some “Republicans” (especially given the sorry state of what passes for “Republican” these days), the odds are still high that a Democrat choice is going to yield liberal results.

Does that hold true for the Democrat these “Republicans” endorsed in South Dakota Dist. 12?  Yup.

A new mailer has gone out exposing what the South Dakotans of Dist. 12 can expect if they vote for Mike Knudson…and what they can expect if they listen to “Republicans” like the RINOs who endorsed him.

The text of the mailer:

Mike Knudson is bragging that several radical pro-homosexual activists are endorsing him.

These eight pro-homosexual legislators (The “Gang of Eight”: State Senators Angie Buhl and Joni Cutler, state Representatives Mitch Fargen, Gene Abdallah and Suzy Blake and former state Legislators Sandy Jerstad, Casey Murschel and Bill Thompson) are working to push their extremist agenda on South Dakota.

Together they have:

  • Introduced legislation forcing employers to accept deviant sexual behavior.
  • Voted to force homosexual “marriage” on South Dakota.
  • Supported the extremist homosexual lobby in their ongoing effort to keep pastors and priests from speaking their beliefs about deviant sexual behavior.

Why is Mike Knudson aligning himself with this radical homosexual agenda?

1 - Recent Knudson mailer and Knudson for House FaceBook page |
2 - The “Gang of Eight”: State Senators Angie Buhl and Joni Cutler,state Representatives Mitch Fargen, Gene Abdallah and Suzy Blake and former state Legislators Sandy Jerstad, Casey Murschel and Bill Thompson
3 - HB 1144, Journal of the SD State House, January 27, 2010 |
4 - HJR 1001, Journal of the SD State House, February 3, 2005
5 - The “Gang of Eight” has accept over $7000 from “Equality SD PAC,” whose goals, donations and endorsements are listed on their website:

Some people don’t like cards like this. They aren’t “nice.” Well, undermining family, marriage and the moral fabric of society definitely isn’t nice. The best advice I have for people who don’t like having their liberal positions and alliances exposed on cards like this is: don’t support liberals or liberal positions. If you don’t want to be exposed as a liberal, don’t support liberal positions. It’s as simple as that.  And if you don’t like seeing your friends exposed as liberals, counsel them not to support liberal positions. If you’re going to support liberalism, the least you can do is be open and up front about it; for Pete’s sake, don’t run around trying to deceive people!

Once again, we see wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretenders who have stolen the Republican brand to provide cover for themselves…even as they undermine Republican values and the Republican agenda. In war, if you dress up in the enemy’s uniform while attacking that enemy, you can be shot for espionage.  No one is advocating RINOs should be shot (though RINOs like to whine about such faux ideas to make conservatives look mean), but Republicans should take it very seriously when people portray themselves as one of us while they undermine our values and goals. It should not be tolerated.

There are plenty of other RINOs out there who are using the Republican brand to purchase safe political passage for themselves…even as they undermine Republican values and the Republican agenda.

Don’t forget that RINO Gov. Dennis Daugaard gave aid and comfort to such liberals-against Republicans who represent authentic Republican values-in the GOP primary a few months ago.

Remember it when the GOP caucuses for the 2013 legislative session; they need to choose real Republicans, not liberals in Republican clothing. When you support liberal candidates, you support liberalism. When you support liberalism, you oppose Republican values-the values that made our nation great.

Remember it when it comes time to elect a new governor in 2014; we need one who will fight for Republican values, not play for the other team and sell them out to socialists and liberals.
Mike Knudson on homosexuality
Mike Knudson on homosexuality

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  • charliewalksonwater

    if this is what he supports, he should welcome this flyer.

    • Bob Ellis

      Manny is the real deal when it comes to Republican principles. That has earned him the visceral hate of the RINO squad.

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