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Republicans See Through Daugaard Betrayal

March 28, 2014   ·   By   ·   1 Comments

dog_v_rinoIt seems I’m not the only Republican who sees through the recent Leftist “race card” play by the “mainstream” media and the subsequent RINO effort to throw a conservative under the bus.

In the Rapid City Journal today,

I was angered by Gov. Daugaard’s pro-gay rant against Sen. Phil Jensen (March 20 Rapid City Journal). To me, this was a outrageous attack on traditional conservative business people and others whose values are not in line with the liberally supported homosexual minority.

Sen. Jensen should be complimented. I believe his legislation to allow business people the right to refuse service to alternate sexual lifestyles is popular among the silent majority of Republicans as well as others. Business people show the sincerity of their beliefs when they choose to forfeit profits.

Many in our late teens were in the military training in the late 1940s. Some from central rural states had never heard of same-sex unions. The word “gay” had not been invented.

Then, and until the recent past, Republicans did not support alternate sexual lifestyles. Daugaard’s anti-business, liberal, pro-gay position clearly shows Republican insiders shift to the left. Our political party has deserted many of the faithful.

Daugaard is unique. I cannot recall any previous governor who has so brutally used the bully pulpit of South Dakota’s highest office to seek political destruction of elected fellow Republicans.

Glenn T. Freeman, Kadoka

And here is one from yesterday:

So this is what tolerance is all about? Filleting a senator because he is not politically correct?

Sorry, RCJ, I know you want to fixate on his bill being discriminatory, but would you want a judge to order a bakery owned by someone who identifies as gay or lesbian to be forced to bake a “God hates gays” cake for Westboro Baptist Church? If not, then why should a Christian business owner be compelled under threat of lawsuit to render service such as baking a rainbow cake to celebrate gay marriage? Didn’t we once call this sort of thing slavery?

How about standing for free speech rather than tyranny and stop using tolerance as a smokescreen to hide your blatant rudeness and judgmental attitude? Has anyone ever heard of a single instance in which a Christian business owner arbitrarily said to a homosexual: “We don’t serve your kind here”? If it did, wouldn’t it be front-page news for a month?

Despite all the brouhaha over this bill, Phil Jensen is not out to win a popularity contest, which is exactly why he is a statesmen and not a politician.

Keith Rhudy, Rapid City

Because Governor Dennis Daugaard and his RINO caucus have a group of merry sycophants who follow them and cheer their betrayal of Republican values, they think they have everyone fooled.

Not even close.

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