Report: Govt Targeted ‘Icky’ Conservatives


IRSThis came out shortly before Christmas, so it was likely missed by most people (the way the Left likes it), but it’s something every American should know about.

The Daily Caller reports that a ouse Oversight and Government Reform Committee report demonstrates the malicious intent of President Obama’s IRS against conservative groups that rose up to challenge the “fundamental transformation” of America into a socialist hellhole.

Some of the excerpts, especially from IRS communications (remember how the IRS claimed it “lost” all those emails?), demonstrate the desire of these Leftists to treat patriotic conservative groups from other groups:

“It appears that the org is funneling money to other orgs for political purposes,” a Cincinnati-based IRS agent working under Lois Lerner wrote to tax law specialist Hilary Goehausen in April 2013. ”However, I’m not sure we can deny them because, technically, I don’t know that I can deny them simply for donating to another 501(c)(4). . . .  Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.”

“I think there may be a number of ways to deny them,” Goehausen replied. “Let me talk to Sharon [Light] tomorrow about it and get some ideas from her as well. . . .This sounds like a bad org. :/ . . .  This org gives me an icky feeling.”

To the radical bunch of Leftists running our government, honoring the U.S. Constitution, keeping the federal government within its constitutional limits, keeping taxes (you know, one of the major things that sparked the American Revolution) low, and general love of America are “icky.” Like their Marxist forefathers going back to the turbulent 1960s and earlier, love of the founding principles of America is a disgusting thing to them.

The “Republican” leadership may lack the, um, anatomy to do anything, but a lot of people in Obama’s IRS should be fired (if not criminally charged), and the chain can be traced back to the White House (and the evidence definitely points that way), the anti-American Marxist in the White House should be impeached to uphold respect for the rule of law.

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