Religious Freedom Under Fire in the Miliary


Some of us predicted five years ago that embracing a culture of immorality and rejecting morality in the U.S. military would result in brutal assaults on freedom (and assaults on other things) within our armed forces. It didn’t take long before we started to hear the stories of Christian soldiers being hammered for continuing to stand for the moral values upon which our nation was founded.

One of the latest stories involves Navy Chaplain Wes Modder who is being forced out of the service for (can you imagine this?) repeating what the Bible says about sex outside of marriage being immoral, including homosexual behavior.  What kind of clergyman actually believes the Bible?  And would actually repeat what the Bible says? Why would we want someone like that giving moral and spiritual advice to the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line for our country?

Fortunately, Modder is getting some (some) support from a few members of congress. Recently, 35 congressmen sent a letter of support for Chaplain Modder to the Secretary of the Navy. That’s 35 elected representatives out of 535 senators and congressmen, or 6.5%.  I didn’t see Speaker of the House John Boehner’s name on the letter of support, nor did I see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s name on it.  Where were our “Republican” congressional leaders when it came to defending religious freedom and the traditional values which produced the greatest nation on earth?

As a South Dakotan, I’m wondering where was Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD-53%)? I’m glad she did the right thing and joined with 51 other House Republicans in defending marriage, but where was she in defending religious freedom in the military? I’m grateful for her good votes, but her voting record as a Republican leaves a lot to be desired.

For that matter, where was Senator John Thune and Senator Mike Rounds?  I didn’t see their names on the letter of support either.

We were told last year that, despite Mike Rounds’ record of liberal betrayals, he actually really was a conservative (perhaps one in drag?).  And we were told by some of his less enthusiastic supporters that at least we could count on Senator John Thune (R-SD-61%) to grab him by the back of the head and point his nose toward the food dish.

We were told last year that we had to elect enough Republicans to get the majority in congress (even if they had records that made us wonder what camp they’d be in when they got there) so we could stop the liberal agenda.  We the people gave “Republicans” the majority in the House and Senate; why aren’t we seeing a whole lot of stopping the liberal agenda going on? Why is the “Republican” majority continually on the retreat or AWOL where the battle rages hottest?

Can conservative pro-family groups support candidates and politicians with a straight face when those same figures won’t support conservative values?

Liberals have no problem counting on their Democrat representatives to advance tyrannical, anti-freedom, immoral policies.  Why can’t we conservatives count on our Republican representatives to advance the documented conservative values that the GOP claims to believe in?

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  • JeffreyRO55

    I get it, christians are desperate for approval. But you guys have got to come to terms with the fact that modern civilization is not interested in Bronze Age myths and standards for 21st century morality and decency. Yes, the bible says to murder disobedient children; yes, the bible says to kill gay people; yes, the bible says to stone non-virgin brides. But that was 2,000 years ago, for God’s sake! The world is different now.