Rape by Deception and Other ‘Health’ Lessons….

handcuff“Hey son, what did you learn in school today?”


“Well dad, in health class we talked about ‘current events’….. That if we lie about who we are… and what we do…uh… to sleep with a girl….we can be charged with rape….”

I’m so relieved that my son, a freshman in high school, is receiving essential preparation for the future. Where would we be if it were not for the good counsel of our public education system.

Yes, somehow, a proposed bill which seeks to combat ‘rape by deception’ was deemed a vital topic for his ‘Health’ class discussion.

Call me traditional, but anyone who would lie or grossly misrepresent themselves to meet a woman, get a job, or say, be elected president of the United States of America, is beyond educating. Moralizing and punishment is futile, these have reached sociopath status.

No amount of teaching or punishment is going to keep those with the power and wealth to abuse and manipulate with impunity from doing so.  Ultimately, Assemblyman Troy Singleton’s A3908 ‘Sexual Assault by Fraud’ is merely a symptom. It will never be a cure!

It seems more and more liberal propaganda continues to make it into today’s school curriculum and classroom discussion. But is it really necessary? Where should our core values and principles really come from?

Parents need to do the heavy lifting required to raise moral, decent and upright human beings. In fact, the best path to moral righteousness is a Godly one.  He must do the breaking down before we can truly be lifted up and become wholly fulfilled and eternally secure beings that seek to honestly and ethically treat our fellow man with mercy and love.

It is the self-serving secularist who seeks to seduce and ultimately exploit us.

A proper inclination lies in a trusting of the actions and confessions of the humbled and redeemed (as we cast aside the empty promises of the morally destitute).  That means complete transparency and a full vetting of those who enter our lives (and seek to be our mentor, instructor, brother, lover, leader and president).  We are all prone to setbacks and moral failings; it is not the crime that leaves us unrecovered but rather the cover-up. When we do fall, we must make recompense before we can be truly restored.

We walk through the fire to make it to the light. Those who have survived attacks and wear their battle scars with courage and humility will be enabled to lift up the weak and the vulnerable when they cry out for mercy and protection.

I stand with the broken and the contrite. Let the world have their slick, polished, shameless deceptors.

We are to be encouraged to walk the straight path and seek wisdom and honesty in all that we do. Unlawful allegations and vilifications may come, but may they never be rightly held against us….

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  • http://www.CADalert.blogspot.com/ Joyce M. Short

    As the author of “Carnal Abuse by Deceit,” the book that sparked current discussion and the new NJ law on rape by fraud, I’m sincerely delighted to hear that the conversation made into into a NJ heath class!

    Even though Mr. Castelitto may not see the merits of the current bill, it is extremely important that young people, approaching the age when they will be engaging in romantic relationships, learn of this hazard that happens all too frequently in society.

    As far as Mr. Castellitto’s objections are concerned:

    People who are sociopaths are not deterred from harming others by their conscience. They simply don’t have one. The only thing that keeps them in check is fear of exposure or fear of consequences. And when you defile someone by an insidious form of rape, you deserve to go to jail.

    The volume of romance/sex scams is significant, to the extent that it is necessary to deter the behavior. And creating laws to provide consequences is the only way to do so.

    Unlike Mr. Castellito’s take on the matter, sexual predators CAN be deterred. And it is imperative that society undertake to do so.

  • http://www.CADalert.blogspot.com/ Joyce M. Short

    And by the way, the health class, instead of focusing on his son possibly being “charged with rape.” should have focused on “If you lie to someone to have sex with them, you’re not seducing them, you’re sexually assaulting them.”

    Let’s focus on what it is and how harmful it is to the victim.

    The law is simply the appropriate consequence for the offense.

    • WXRGina

      Uh, maybe you should instead focus on training up your girl in the way she should behave-I don’t know, maybe telling her DON’T go having SEX with strange guys, no matter what they tell her.

      Modesty and common sense are lost in our debased culture. The making of many new laws will not bring back sensibility. It will only bring tyranny, because people who reject morality will be ruled with an iron fist. Feminazis (thank you, Rush) will not understand or accept this, of course.

      • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

        I completely agree, Gina.

      • http://www.CADalert.blogspot.com/ Joyce M. Short

        This is not a crime that happens to people who have sex with strange guys. That situation would not be considered rape by fraud. One night stands will not meet the litmus test of rape by fraud. And the media’s continuous insistence that it would is harmful to society’s perception.

        It is the person who creates a hoax about who they are and carries out that fabrication. People must take responsibility for their actions and one has to conduct them self in a responsible manner.

        But when they do, and the offender has defrauded them despite their responsible behavior, a crime is taking place.

        • WXRGina

          I really believe you can over-think these things.