Rand Paul Did Good: The Shame Goes to McCain & Graham

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

New York Times quoted Senator McCain as saying that Rand Paul did a disservice to the American people by making them think they were in danger from their government? Oh really? Where has McCain been? Where has he been that he didn’t have a clue that many of the American people got worried all by themselves and with absolutely no help from Senator Rand Paul or even his filibuster?

Oh, and how impressive of Senator Graham to suggest he had planned on voting against Brennan, but changed his vote, to show support for the drone program. Darn, paybacks can sting — or not!

The drone program, as a whole, was not what was challenged, was it? It was whether the president could use those drones against Americans on American soil when there was no imminent threat, right? That’s something that couldn’t have simply been answered in the first place? Why was the direct answer avoided for so long? Why did it take a filibuster to get an answer? That’s what McCain and Graham ought to be concerned with, not that someone posed the question and was insisting upon an answer that many Americans were waiting for as well.

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This is an administration that pushed for the sequester and stated that opposition to it would be vetoed, only to then pursue a campaign of blame thereafter. A campaign that tried to blame the Republicans for the Obama Team sequester proposal. So, please, Senator McCain & Graham, don’t suggest that the American people don’t have cause to worry and that they haven’t been. On the other hand, it’s a breath of fresh air that there are those who had the guts to stand up, ask an “important” question of this administration and not sit down until the answer was provided!

It’s about time!

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