Race-Bait Deferred (Remembering Brown/Defending Wilson)

Ferguson_riotMichael Brown’s death is tragic! A life cut short must always be lamented. The day we don’t lament such an event is the day all light has vanquished.

Michael Brown will never get a chance to turn his life around, to overcome his circumstances, to see the error of his trouble-making ways. Brown will not live to get a second chance. He will not live to realize the folly of youthful pride. There is no promise of a brighter day and a better tomorrow.

How little are our lives valued; how little do we value our lives?

We are not expendable nor are we bulletproof. The youth of today - whether it be drugs, violence, theft, or all of the above - must stop playing with fire.

Life is too precious to merely throw it all away. When will the madness end?

This tragedy (and the reckless aftermath) represents much more than merely “white cop shoots black kid.” The nature of our humanity is on record and our troubled nation is on the line. While the real news is just a few distractions away.

Which brings me to Officer Wilson….

In response to a show of support offered by several St. Louis Rams football players, the SLPOA offered an infuriated response noting how they were ‘profoundly disappointed’ with those players ‘who chose to ignore the mountains of evidence released from the St. Louis County Grand Jury this week’ and support the ‘assertions that Michael Brown was innocent of any wrongdoing and attempting to surrender peacefully when Wilson, according to some now-discredited witnesses, gunned him down in cold blood.’

If we replace Brown in this scenario with some random ‘white kid,’ the pot-stirring media have no story and the blind progressive sheep have no further deception to latch onto. But as Obamacare mastermind Jonathan Gruber gleefully indicated, we Americans are ignorant and easy to manipulate. It doesn’t take much for a low voter-IQ’d majority to follow some contrived, liberal mantra. Will the parroting ever end?

Put any of these in a position in which their life is daily placed on the line (to protect those who mindlessly resent them)….

We’ll see what happens if these officers ever decide to walk off the job, leaving nobody to maintain the peace. Instantly, these unfairly maligned scapegoats will be seen in a different light.

But we are all victims of the great manipulation.

Dare to take a stand. Wake up and see the real enemy. But don’t be surprised when the identity revealed is somebody you worship. In fact, it just might be that image in the mirror starring back at you……

Embrace your brother of another color and be the change you seek. Don’t be a zombie. Don’t merely be part of the mindless masses being led by the liberal drones. They’re the ones lying to you!

There’s a reason why our military, county sheriffs, and police chiefs are publicly standing with the Constitution against this reckless and law-dividing administration.

Resist the hate, the propaganda, and the race bait. It’s time to find your way, take your place, and lead!

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