Question: ‘Why Do You Condemn Us?’

argueI’ve heard a lot of people say that Christians condemn others who don’t share their Biblical morals. When issues such as same-sex marriage are debated, a common accusation from homosexuals is that Christians condemn them. This charge has been leveled at us so often and for so long that many Christians opt to dance around Biblical doctrines, rather than actually give voice to them in public forums. Is it a fair or accurate statement to say that Biblical Christians condemn those who characteristically practice sin?

The essence of Christianity is the message of the Gospel, a word that simply means “good news”. This message was called good news by the angel who announced the birth of Christ (Luke 2:10). Announcing the fulfillment of Jewish prophecies concerning the coming of the Jewish Messiah, the angel said, “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people,” meaning this good news was for everyone, not just the Jews.

But the Jews best understood what this good news meant, because the Hebrew Bible had preserved for them the teachings that our sinfulness separates us from God, making us subject to his judgement, and that without atonement for sin we already stand condemned. For over a thousand years the Jews had tried and failed to live according to God’s commandments. As a people, they had learned the hard way that without God’s supernatural intervention, it is impossible to be saved from the consequences of sin. That is why the angel called the Messiah a “Savior”, because he came to save his people. The name “Jesus” literally means salvation, and that is why Christians say they are “saved”.

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Christians are saved from the consequences of sin as a result of “receiving” Christ and his sacrifice (“But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God,” — John 1:12). This is not the result of anything we do. “He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy,” (Titus 3:5); “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,” (Ephesians 2:8).

What makes this good news is that we were already condemned and dead in our sins, but the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ atoned for those sins, paid the price for those sins and redeemed us from the dead, into eternal life in the presence of the Almighty. “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us,” (Romans 5:8).

This is all to say that the message of salvation in Christ is good news for everyone. So where does the idea of condemnation enter into the picture? Mark 16:16 says, “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” A backlash is often heard that goes something like this: “You Christians claim to believe in a loving God and yet you condemn those who disagree with you. You aren’t loving. You are hateful, bigoted and condemning.”

This backlash comes from the basic misconception that is best compared to, “Love me, love my dog”. An onus is being placed on Christians, not unlike being expected to love a bad dog simply because it is owned by someone you love. Homosexuals expect Christians to accept their homosexual behavior, despite the fact that the Bible calls it sin. The expectation being placed on Christians is that if we claim to love homosexuals, we should accept, tolerate, or at least not “judge” their behavior. If we really love them, then it is expected we should stay silent about how they live.

We are told by an increasingly secular society that making absolute moral distinctions based on a Biblical world view is ignorant, narrow-minded and unacceptable, that truth and morality are not absolute or exclusive, but relative and inclusive. This point of view rejects the fact that God himself has drawn a line of demarcation, separating that which is righteous, moral and holy from that which is sinful, immoral and unholy. So, when Christians speak out against homosexuality, those standing on the other side of the line only hear condemnation. “Thus saith the LORD” is taken as code meaning, “I have the right to force my beliefs on you”.

Those who approach reality from a secular world view reject the notion that God exists. And those who are merely influenced by secular world views reject the authority of any God and reject the Bible as an authoritative source for determining society’s moral standards. Nevertheless, the Christian faith stands outside the world of secular values and is not subject to secular world view standards. Our faith is subject only to Biblical world view standards. We cannot try to be “tolerant” by jettisoning our Biblical world view. Our words and our actions must be consistent with what the Bible says, not what the world says.

God has drawn a line between light and darkness, life and death. On one side stands truth and forgiveness. On the other, lies and condemnation. Condemnation doesn’t come from the gospel. It comes from believing lies. And perhaps the biggest lie is that sin isn’t really sin at all. It’ like the lie the serpent whispered in Eve’s ear in Genesis 3:1, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” meaning, did God actually say that is a sin?

Right now there are people thinking that the serpent didn’t lie, he only asked a question. But his question was not designed to elicit an answer, rather to sow doubt and disbelief in Eve’s mind. Of course God said that. The serpent was well aware of that. But he knew how to weaken Eve, so that she would fall into temptation and sin. Today, anti-Biblical apologists are equally sly. They “ask,” “Does the Bible really say that?”, playing on the weaknesses of the uninformed.

To me, the absolute separation of moral from immoral is best pictured as the difference between light and darkness. Here, there are no shades of grey. Even the light of a single candle dispels the darkness. John 1:5 puts it this way, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Equally opposite in polarity are the consequences of morality vs immorality. Light leads to life; darkness leads to death. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” And Jesus is willing to forgive all who turn back from darkness to follow him, as Ephesians 5:8 points out, “…for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”

Just as there is an absolute separation between light and darkness, so also there is an absolute separation of God’s judgement for those who walk in the light from those who walk in darkness. “Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left. Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world’…Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.’…And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life” (Matthew 25:32-33; 42; 46). There is no third option, no situational relativity. It’s either life or death.

Biblical morality looks to no less than the authority of the Creator of the universe. It is not based on popular thought or democratic deliberation. It is based on obedience to God’s standards. Thus Christians and the Bible, following God’s example, condemn sin, not people. Those who feel condemned are those who reject the absolute line between right and wrong, or the authority or existence of God who draws that line. And to those who are condemned, Jesus offers salvation. All they have to do is turn to him and forsake their former sins.

“And Jesus cried out and said, ‘Whoever believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me. And whoever sees me sees him who sent me. I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge [NIV: condemn] him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day. For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment—what to say and what to speak. And I know that his commandment is eternal life. What I say, therefore, I say as the Father has told me.’” — John 12:44-50 (ESV)

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  • Chuck Anziulewicz

    Works every time!

    • retiredday

      Let this be a clue as to how seriously people take this issue. Traditional Biblical apologists are simply laughed at. Popular “wisdom” is self-obsessed, childish, irresponsible and unwilling to be accountable to the authority of God or God’s word. They mock the truth and they mock God’s authority. There is nothing new at all about this.

      “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.” — Romans 1:8

      • franklinb23

        Retired: In our modern culture which affords folks the ability to be exposed to countless different ideologies, religions and philosophies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to willingly embrace the claims of the Christian Bible, particularly when so many of its edicts are apparently ignored or interpreted away by even its most ardent adherents. This is further complicated by the inability of Christendom to come to unanimity regarding almost any moral or theological issue.

        In other words, even if we accept the premise that the Bible really is the infallible word of God (even if penned by men over the course of centuries and compiled by other men), all our work is still ahead of us. One must still try to come to some understanding of it. If it were self-evident, there would be no need for seminaries or sermons. Folks would pick it up and know how to live and what to believe with the ease that one reads a cookbook.

        • retiredday

          The more time and effort I have put into examining “different ideologies, religions and philosophies”, the more I am convinced that the Biblical worldview beats them all. Of course there isn’t going to be unanimity in all theological issues, but the issue of homosexuality is very clear in the Bible. Confusion and disagreement only come about when the Biblical perspective is ignored or distorted. When one ignores something, he is ignorant. When one’s position is based on the personal twisting of facts, it is distorted. That is why those who support homosexuality as an acceptable alternative, avoid and discount Biblical argumentation, rather than engage it on its merits. It’s so much easier mock Biblical morals.

          You sound like a rational person. Have you examined the Biblical worldview? I suggest you read “Total Truth” by Nancy Pearcey (I often recommend it). Intellectually, the Bible offers solid ground to stand on. All other ideologies, religions and philosophies are sinking sand. Yes Franklin, the truth is exclusive and absolute, even in what you euphemistically refer to as “modern culture”.

          • franklinb23

            Retired: I’d consider myself a Deist with Christian leanings, but not a fundamentalist. I have ideas of what is true, but as I have no way of validating those beliefs, I hold to them a bit loosely.

            Yes, I’ve read the Bible and I’ve read various interpretations of what Scripture is saying. These competing claims are all very compelling. (One of the most interesting is the notion of universal atonement. Did Christ die for ALL men or just some (His so-called “Elect”)? Whichever you choose, these beliefs have consequences in terms of how you view the character and nature of God and, in turn, how you view what it means to be “good” and “just”. )

            I’m not saying that the Bible is useless in terms of informing our ideas of morality. I am saying that it is only good for providing very general ideas of what is good and right and that it can’t be used as if it were an instruction manual for every life scenario.

            The ethics of human relationships are sometimes murky. Divorce may be a sin in all instances except infidelity, according to Scripture. Yet, a woman who chooses to separate from an abusive spouse for the safety of herself and her children seems to be obeying the spirit of the Law, if not its Letter (and sometimes these will compete).

            I’m not arguing for doing whatever the heck you feel like doing. I’m simply suggesting that good intentions count, because no one is infallible in knowing what is right in all situations (even if we believe Scripture itself to be infallible).

            • retiredday

              “Morality is always derivative. It stems from one’s worldview.”
              ― Nancy Pearcey, Total Truth

    • bob cratchette

      is that all you can do is give ignorant little quips and cut and paste what you think are cute little pictures this is what you get when confronted with the truth. when a individual comes to GOD we come on his terms not on our terms and when we accept him as our saviour we accept his terms while one that is a practicing homosexual may slip back into the lifestyle i would hope that it would be temporary because i would think there would be some type of conviction about living in open rebellion to the way GOD expects them to live but at least an effort should be made to leave this lifestyle if one’s commitment is true. jesus says if you love me you will keep my commandments. when one becomes a true christian they can’t keep hanging out with the same crowd and going to the same places and expect the new life to be easy as the old saying goes if you you continue to lay with dogs you are going to get fleas.

    • DCM7

      Typical strawman. You know nothing of homosexual recovery and how many people have succeeded at it, and why.
      I have let to see a “liberal” cause that doesn’t depend on real-world knowledge being flat-out ignored.

      • Opus35

        A lot less then those who stay gay or lesbian.
        http://www dot faithinamerica dot org/reparative dash therapy/

        • Bob Ellis

          The only damage that comes out of reparative therapy is when the recipient of such therapy remains so rebellious against what is right that their rebellion exacerbates their own internal conflict.

          Reparatiave therapy for homosexuals is no more harmful than rehabilitation for a drunk or drug addict. Reparative therapy for substance abusers isn’t always successful (reparative therapy for homosexuals is actually far more successful than the rate for substance abusers), and it is often emotionally or even physically painful, but it is designed to help an individual who has embraced an aberrant, self-destructive behavior.

          As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. A person can fight against any attempt to help them, if they insist (which is why I’m not a big fan of forced reparative therapy of any kind, if the individual refuses), but they have to live with the consequences of having rebelled against what is normal and healthy. That’s a bed they’ve made for themselves, and they have to lie in it, if they insist.

          • Opus35

            Once more I must respect your opinion, but disagree. I have know many gays and lesbians who have gone through this for family, and other loved ones. The ends does not justify the means. All most wanted to do was to make mom and dad happy, so that they would do anything for their love. It’s sad, they came back and did all they could, but in the end it was like trying to live under water with out an oxygen tank.

            • Bob Ellis

              These were not my opinion. The things I stated are FACT.

              The FACT that many homosexuals have gone through this for their family and other loved ones (and presumably failed, by the implication of your statement) does not change the FACT that homosexual behavior is aberrant (as evidenced by the aforementioned science, as well as the FACT that less than 3% of the population exhibits this behavior), contrary to correct sexual behavior (as evidenced by the design and complimentary function of the male and female sex organs), provides no benefit whatsoever to society (as evidenced by the scientific fact that it cannot produce the next generation for a society), and constitutes self-destructive behavior (as evidenced by the multitude of diseases and maladies which surround the homosexual community).

              It is true that simply doing something like reparative therapy for one’s loved ones does not provide a solid foundation for recovery. It is good that they are willing on some level to do that for their loved ones, but until they realize their own need for change, just like the drunk or drug user, their chances for success are not good.

              • Opus35

                Your facts, not the majority. Peace. 😎

              • Bob Ellis

                There are only “facts.” The fact that you do not like the facts does not change them. Mature, healthy people adjust to reality rather than expect reality to bend and conform to their desires.

              • Opus35

                You are very controlling person aren’t you? If life does not fit your definition,there’s something wrong with it. I gave you a link, to the problems with conversion therapy. That site gives facts. You have offered nothing but your opinion.
                Here is an big alarm for you. You have no right to decide other peoples lives. This has nothing to do with you. Of course unless you want to tell me that you have feelings for men and that you went through conversion therapy and now you’re all cured, but I doubt that. 😎

              • Bob Ellis

                I am a person who is committed to the truth. If people attempt to hide, distort or lie about the facts, they are intentionally doing harm to the truth and injury to reality. Since we all depend on the truth for our welfare, someone who does injury to the truth is attempting to do injury to others. No responsible person would or should stand by while someone deliberately attempts to deceive others (including themselves).

                You gave a link to propaganda about conversion therapy. I pointed out that there has actually been better success in helping homosexuals break free of their self-destructive behavior patterns than in helping substance abusers (if you don’t believe me, look it up).

                Here is a big alarm for you. No one here is trying to decide other people’s lives; the Left is very busy at that, trying to force people to accept an immoral and dangerous behavior and applaud it as if it were legitimate or useful.

                But, like any responsible human being, I have an obligation to help others find the truth and avoid harm. That holds especially true when people are lying to other people about dangerous behaviors. You have every right to risk your own life and soul, but you have NO right to mislead others to do the same.

              • Opus35

                You are committed to your truth, and the need to make it everyone else’s truth. Good night! 😎

              • Bob Ellis

                I am committed to the truth, and it should be everyone’s.

                Speaking of the need to make everyone believe in your own personal “truth,” keep in mind that it was you who came to my website with the burning need to spread demonstrably false assertions.

              • Opus35

                It is called a debate. One that I felt both of us we’re enjoying. I have made no false statements. They are my experience, or as I have provided a website on conversion therapy. Peace. 😎

              • Bob Ellis

                Debate for the purpose of finding the truth is a noble pursuit. Debate for the purpose of avoiding the truth is a fool’s errand. When one continues to “debate” once the facts have been discovered, one is clearly avoiding the truth. That is disingenuous and cowardly.

                The thousands (at a minimum) who have been delivered from slavery to homosexual impulses, as well as the statistics which show a higher success rate for former homosexuals than for former substance abusers, reveal your propaganda website for what it is.

                Be a mature individual and come to terms with the truth. Then change your life accordingly.

              • Opus35

                I have not avoided anything. I have a long life of actual experience, and have read as much as I care to on conversion therapy. We are all welcome to our own opinions, good luck to any gays and lesbians who wish to attempt conversion therapy. I truly hope that you find what you’re looking for, but I have never met anyone who said it worked. Peace. 😎

              • Bob Ellis

                You obviously can’t deal with the fact that homosexuals can change, if they so desire. It makes it infinitely easier to excuse this aberrant, self-destructive behavior when one hides behind the illusion that itcan’t be changed. We’d laugh and and pity the drunk or drug abuser who hid behind such bilge.

                You’re entitled to pretend you can’t change if you insist, but you aren’t entitled to mislead others into continued slavery. That’s why American Clarion, BarbedWire and other sites exist: to point the way to freedom for those who are interested in being free, rather than being enslaved to their base impulses.

              • Opus35

                Bob I enjoy having a discussion with you, but I see that we are not going to see the others point of view, not even a little. Which is what I usually hope for. I like coming away from the table with the point of view that I can think about. Thank you for letting me participate with you. Take care, and have a great day. Peace. 😎

              • Bob Ellis

                There is no value in “seeing” error. Error has no value or use. The only value is in seeing (and accepting) the truth. You seem unwilling to do that. I hope that for your sake and for the sake of the society in which you live that someday this will change.

              • Opus35

                I am being kind and respectful to you, as this is your website. I do not mean to offend or say things that may sit badly with you. I would like to come back at a later date, where we once again may have a discussion about a topic on your site. I don’t want to get baned, because I do enjoy talking to you. Peace. 😎

              • Bob Ellis

                Thank you for being kind and respectful. It would be infinitely more respectful to come to terms with the truth when it is presented to you…or at least go away for a time to ponder it rather than continue to kick against it.

                When I started to learn the truth about certain liberal/erroneous ideas I had held in my youth (i.e. abortion, morality, evolution, etc), I didn’t “but, but, but” when presented with the new information. I took the information with me, weighed and sifted it against all the evidence, then adjusted my opinion accordingly.

                As long as you’re in defensive mode, it’ll be next to impossible to evaluate information objectively. Having an open mind and thinking objectively is hard work, especially in our modern culture, but I know you’re capable of it, if you really want to.

              • WXRGina

                Tell that to Walt Heyer, “Opus.” Yes, people can and do escape homosexuality and “transgenderism.”

                Bob is not a “controlling” person, and let me tell you something. He’s one of the most patient people I’ve ever known. He spends so much time presenting the TRUTH to people like you who have NO INTEREST in truth, but are instead in open rebellion against it. As you can see, you’re still allowed to comment here, unlike at BarbWire where you and your twenty multiple identities are banned and continue to be banned each time you create a new, fake name.

              • Opus35

                What does Walt Heyer have to do with this article on you condemning us?

                Would like a list of happy and healthy gays and lesbians? Or do you want a list of unhappy gays and lesbians who underwent conversion therapy?

                Pulling a rabbit out of your hat does not make a community. No more than someone should judge the happiness for the healthiness of heterosexuals, by who kill, rape, used children, and murder their own. 😎

              • WXRGina

                What? Who said anything about the article, and who is condemning you? My statement about Walt Heyer was [clearly] directed at your homo-activist talking points-you, know, the ones YOU ALL use-that tell the lie that no one escapes homosexuality or “transgenderism.” You know darned well that’s what I was talking about and that Walt is FAR from alone in having escaped. And, NO, I have no interest in “debating” you, because you are a troll commenter with no interest in truth, reason or morality, who seeks only to spread homofascist propaganda on comment sections of websites that tell the truth about homosexuality and the sexual anarchy movement.

              • Opus35

                Oh Gina, you seem up set. I am so sorry if I did that. Did you see that nice comment I made on your new site. I just love what you had to say. To speak your mind is so important today. With so many news sources out there, it good to read all points of View. I know that I will always keep my eye on what you have to say. Sorry again for up setting you. 😎

              • WXRGina

                Yeah, and I left you a response over there (that’s Scooter’s site, not mine, even though he put my name on it). You fooled Scooter, but you didn’t fool me. PS: you didn’t “upset” me. I’m impervious to troll bait.

              • Opus35

                Good I am happy you are not up set. It was not my intention. I really liked you article. It is so important to be able to say what’s on your mind with out being censored, by the Government, or other news sources. We live in the greatest country in the world. You or I should be able to put our point of view out there with out fear of being censored. 😎

              • WXRGina

                You already made that point. I get it. You don’t like your comments deleted at BarbWire. Whatever.

              • Opus35


              • WXRGina

                Playing dumb becomes no one.

              • Opus35

                I not sure why you say that, I can’t go on barbwier? But I still believe in free speech, for you and for me. 😎

              • retiredday

                “You have no right to decide other peoples lives.”

                That’s precisely what the LGTBQ agenda tries to do. They are trying to force those of us with traditional morals to recognize gay unions when the Bible teaches against it.

              • Opus35

                Hi Bob, I was just at a discussion, and it was getting kind of ugly, on both sides of the topic. It made me think how with you its respectful. So I just wanted to say thank you for letting me have that type of discussion with you on your site. That’s it, hope you had good weekend. 😎

  • Bob Ellis

    Sadly, many good people are buying into the lies and propaganda about “equality” as well as allowing themselves to be falsely shamed into abandoning the fight out of the desire to be thought of as a “nice guy.”

    Since you mentioned divorce on another article today, the same kind lies were put out about it, and sadly many people bought into those lies. “God wouldn’t want me to be unhappy” and “Who am I to judge” and “Why do you want people to suffer in an unhappy marriage” and “It’s my life; it’s not affecting you or your marriage” and such blather.

    Meanwhile, children pay the price of an undermined institution of marriage…and so does society to the tune of $12 billion a year in taxpayer funds to deal with the problem that “doesn’t affect anyone else.” Not to mention the wrecked lives of those directly involved.

    When we tolerate a lie, EVERYONE pays a price.

  • retiredday

    From the cited article: “Conversation about gay marriage is no longer seen as an automatic compromise on Biblical authority.”

    That is because heresy runs rampant in popular Christian theology. I find it very telling that rather than deal with the specifics in my article, which are liberally supported by Scripture, you chose to play dueling articles.

    Popular thought isn’t thought at all. It’s mob mentality, conformism to social norms. The reason that even professing Christians are becoming accepting of various unBiblical values is that they have begun to adopt a secular world view, which is not what our faith is about. I suggest for real thinking Christians that they learn about the more substantial and rational Biblical world view. Read Nancy Pearcey’s books — Saving Leonardo and Total Truth. Don’t be a lemming.

  • Thisoldspouse

    Time will be celebrating “intergenerational sex” before you know it. Your point is lost.