Presbyterian USA Group Again Chooses Sodomy Over The Bible


BibleThe world is overflowing with deception (good is evil, and evil is good), false religions and doctrines forged in Hell.  Among the world’s false religions, there are none more sinister—in my opinion—than those that claim the name of Christ while espousing all kinds of unbiblical error and even things the Lord calls abomination.  While other false religions are no less dangerous to the eternal spirits of those beguiled by them, it is supremely detestable when false gospels are presented under the name of Jesus.

Jesus is the Son of God, and He is God.  He came to earth to offer Himself as a perfect sacrifice for our sins.  We are all accountable to God for our sins.  We are all born in sin, and we each struggle with sin all our lives (at least those of us who recognize our sinfulness struggle with it, but others may not consider it at all).  Jesus lived a sinless life as God in the flesh, and his willing sacrifice on the cross was perfect and acceptable to cover the sins of anyone who would believe in Him.  Jesus is the only way—the only way—for man to be reconciled to God.  He died so we could be free from sin, not be “out and proud” of our sin!  The devil knows this and wants to prevent as many people from being saved as he possibly can, so he has labored from the beginning of Christ’s earthly ministry to infiltrate the church, to infuse it with his evil, subtle deceptions and myriad divisions.  He has been greatly successful.

Today, we see rampant apostasy in many so-called Christian churches.  There are plenty of denominations and churches that have created their own set of man-made traditions and regulations apart from Scripture, and in some cases, contrary to it.  When churches that purport to be Christian rely on anything other than the Bible alone for revelation of God’s plan for mankind, then error is inevitable.  When the Rock is not your foundation (no, the Rock is not Peter; it’s Jesus), then you will be prone to swallow all manner of false teachings.

Thus it is with the Presbyterian USA group, which voted this week to add the acceptance of sodomite “marriage” to its constitution.  This follows on the heels of a 2011 vote that saw the group amend its charter to accept the ordination of unrepentant homosexuals to leadership position in its churches.

The New York Times, in reporting this story, quoted the response of a Presbyterian homosexual activist:

“Finally, the church in its constitutional documents fully recognizes that the love of gays and lesbian couples is worth celebrating in the faith community,” said the Rev. Brian D. Ellison, executive director of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, which advocates gay inclusion in the church. “There is still disagreement, and I don’t mean to minimize that, but I think we are learning that we can disagree and still be church together.”

That’s a devilishly wrong statement.  The “love” of homosexuals is, at best, sexually perverse lust, and in no way worth “celebrating,” much less in the “faith community.”  This man, Brian Ellison, is a homosexual working within the Presbyterian USA group to inject the radical homosexual agenda into the organization.  A press release from 2012 announcing his appointment as Executive Director of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians quotes him:

“I am deeply honored by this opportunity to offer leadership as executive director in the years ahead,” said Brian.  “Having given all of my vocational life to the ministry of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), I joined with others in celebrating last year’s constitutional changes permitting sessions and presbyteries to ordain all those whom God calls. Now, I believe that the Covenant Network is uniquely poised to help the church live into this new day that has dawned. There is still much work to do, and I look forward to joining in the good work Covenant Network is doing as it continues to seek a church as generous and just as God’s grace.”

Brian plans to work from the Kansas City area, where he lives with his partner, Troy Lillebo.

He praises the 2011 decision of the Presbyterians to allow unrepentant sodomites to be church leaders; and worse, he claims those unrepentant sodomites are part of “all those whom God calls” to ministry leadership.  That’s a lie from the pit of Hell.  God calls unrepentant sinners to repent, period.  He does not call to ministry leadership those who not only callously embrace their sin and refuse to turn from it, but whose very identity is their sin itself.

Do not misunderstand what I’m saying here.  Every one of us sins, and that includes church leaders, but those with a foundation based in Biblical knowledge understand that we are called by the Lord to turn from our sins, to repent, and become new creatures in Christ and to strive daily to avoid the sins that used to hold us prisoner.  Only then is it possible for the Lord to move men forward and possibly use them in church leadership positions.  Those who are “out and proud” in their sin are not, in their present state, called by God to church leadership.

Then there’s the issue of marriage.  With this latest choice, the Presbyterian USA group has further rejected the Word of God as its foundation, and instead has embraced the evil destruction of marriage.  They are also apparently ignoring the tyranny against the freedoms of their fellow Americans that the radical homosexual movement (with its same-sex “marriage” crusade) represents.

This group has rejected Christ in firmly rejecting His clear teachings in the Bible—the whole of which is His Word.  The leaders of Presbyterian USA have no business calling it a Christian organization.  This is not to say that the Lord cannot save someone who is in this Presbyterian group, because He can save anyone.  If those who remain in a “church” that embraces anti-Christian heresy manage to find Christ, it is in spite of the false doctrine they hear, not because of it.

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  • franklinb23

    Gina writes: “God calls unrepentant sinners to repent, period. He does not call to ministry leadership those who not only callously embrace their sin and refuse to turn from it, but whose very identity is their sin itself.”

    Well, that’s the problem. They probably don’t believe it’s a sin.

    Let me ask you this: do you believe it’s possible to have reached the end of your life in perfectly good conscience, knowing every thought, word and deed one has committed that might, in fact, be deemed sinful by God? Or, is it conceivable that one can do a large number of things in good conscience, perhaps even thinking one was doing them for the glory of God, but, in all actuality, committing an egregious sin?

    I have no doubt that John Calvin was sincere when he saw to the expulsion of fellow Christians from Geneva who disagreed with his theology (and had another burned alive). There’s no record of him having repented of these acts. Is he in Hell? I wouldn’t presume to say. What about women who divorce their husbands, not because of infidelity, but because they believe it necessary to separate their children from an unhealthy environment of alcoholism and drug abuse?

    In other words, I think good intentions might count as “faith”, even if our actions don’t always pass the bar. After all, salvation is through what one believes, not what one DOES, correct?

    There are perhaps four or five passages in Scripture that directly reference homosexuality. There are literally dozens regarding money and one’s use of it. I don’t get why this topic arouses such obvious irritation and anger in you. It seems disproportionate to the treatment it receives in Scripture (which is negligible).

    • Bob Ellis

      What we “believe” is irrelevant; what matters is what IS. Believing something isn’t a sin-when it clearly IS a sin-isn’t any more useful or relevant than believing the law of gravity doesn’t apply to you, then jumping off a 10-story building to find out the truth.

      The Bible is extremely clear in both the Old Testament and the New that homosexual behavior is abhorrent to God, and that marriage was designed to be between a man and a woman.

      And yes, it IS possible to reach the end of your life in perfectly good conscience…only to find you’re in deep, deep trouble with God. (Luke 16:19-31, Matthew 25:1-13, Matthew 7:21, Luke 6:46). (But the only way to do it is to allow yourself to be deliberately ignorant of right and wrong, and to embrace convenient lies…and God gave us a brain and a conscience, so deliberate ignorance when God has made right and wrong very clear doesn’t hold any water.)

      Again, it doesn’t matter what we BELIEVE; it matters what IS. And while there are some relatively minor truths that are not completely clear in the Bible, the overwhelming majority of moral truths (especially as they relate to how we are to behave toward God and with others) are crystal clear.

      Regarding your statement about Calvin, one sin will not send you to Hell if that sin is under the blood of Christ (i.e. you are a born-again Christian). In fact, MANY sins won’t send you to Hell.

      The most important thing for any and all human beings is to first surrender their life to Christ, and be born again (John 3). That alone gets you into Heaven, and that alone means you escape Hell.

      Beyond that, anyone who truly cares about pleasing God and their relationship with God is concerned with doing NOTHING sinful. None of us live up to that standard of perfection, but any genuine Christian should be concerned with committing as few sins as possible.

      In the end, good intentions don’t count for squat, especially when God has clearly stated this or that is wrong (as he has done with marriage and homosexual behavior). For someone to willfully be disobedient when God has made it clear that the disobedient act is wrong…well, I wouldn’t want to be around when one is held to account for that.

      I wouldn’t presume to speak for Gina,but I can tell you that the reason why I frequently speak passionately on the issue of homosexual behavior is because, to the best of my recollection, it is the ONLY sin (except maybe abortion) where many of its promoters insist that it is GOOD.

      Stealing? While a lot of people do it, there is virtually universal agreement that this is wrong.

      Murder? While a lot of people do it, there is virtually universal agreement that this is wrong (except abortion, and we tell ourselves that the human being in the womb isn’t really a human being, so it’s okay)

      Vandalism? While a lot of people do it, there is virtually universal agreement that this is wrong.

      Lying? While a lot of people do it, there is virtually universal agreement that this is wrong.

      Adultery? While a lot of people do it, there is virtually universal agreement that this is wrong.

      Homosexual behavior? Somehow, God didn’t really MEAN what he clearly said he meant more than 10 times ( throughout the Bible.

      I’m sorry, but that kind of deliberate deception makes me angry. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be deceived. I was deceived about a number of liberal lies when I was younger, and I got pretty pissed off when I realized I had been deliberately lied to by so many people. And as I came to understand the incalculable damage and suffering these kinds of lies cause in the lives of real, hurting people, it ticks me off even more.

      Just as God gets ticked off at certain willful wrong, we human beings should get ticked off, too. It isn’t our place to pass eternal judgment and condemnation for such things (that belongs to God alone), but it IS our place as responsible members of society to recognize lies that are harmful, and become properly motivated to do something about correcting those wrongs.

      That’s why I find my self frequently rebutting the lie about homosexual behavior (which gets pushed in a thousands ways and places every day), and I suspect the same is true for Gina.

      • DCM7

        One further thing about homosexual behavior as opposed to many other sins: for those who engage in it, it’s usually extremely difficult to stop doing. Same-sex attractions tend to be very deep-seated; those who think they were “born that way,” while incorrect, have strong reasons for believing it. Many who try “changing” think that if it’s even possible, it should be much easier than it is. Of course, they’ve inevitably tried going about it in one wrong way or another.
        Having personally gotten away from a porn addiction (something with much more in common with homosexuality than most would understand), I can testify as to how long it took, how hard it was, and how much I had to depend on the One who can do what I can’t. I have to imagine that getting away from homosexuality must be just as hard, and probably harder. But I know that many people, including some I’ve known personally, have done it. And they’ve been FAR better off for it. (The ones I’ve known that *didn’t* get away from it… well, no happy endings there, to say least.)

      • WXRGina

        Bob, you speak better for me than I speak for myself. :-)

        • Bob Ellis

          We’ve talked enough and read each other’s material enough that I think we know fairly well where the other’s coming from. :-)

          • WXRGina

            Yep! And for the record, you have my complete permission to speak for me ANY TIME, Bob. :-)

    • DCM7

      As always, even though you usually speak as one who disagrees with us, we appreciate that you ask things in a civil and thoughtful manner.

      • Bob Ellis

        I concur!

    • AC700

      What is the redefinition of marriage? What is the standard? Who sets it and why/how? What is the standard in which children should be brought up? What is best for them (not most convenient for me!) ???

  • AC700

    Kids require the proper standard - We are equal and whole via Gods creative decree and natural law…. Everything else leads to pain, suffering and ultimately chaos….. Reject truth and fall for anything - its suicide