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Petition to Reject ObamaCare in South Dakota

July 31, 2012   ·   By   ·   0 Comments

July 31, 2012

Contact person: Gordon Howie
CEO, Life and Liberty Group

Ben Franklin had it right. Honesty really is the best policy. We demand it from our children, from our bankers, from our clergy. We also have a right to demand it from our politicians. When an elected official is being dishonest, they should be held to account and the truth made evident.

In a recent South Dakota GOP press release, Executive Director Tony Post pointed out that Democrat congressional candidate, Matt Varilek, strongly endorsed Obama Care and its imposition upon the American public. Even though it could cost him votes, Mr. Varilek said he would stick to his principles and not shy away from the fact that he is in full support of the president’s health care reform. Good or bad, there is no question where the candidate stands.

Many Republicans in South Dakota are beginning to wonder if Governor Daugaard is being as forthcoming. Though most in the party would strongly disagree with Varilek, some would say that his honesty contrasts with the governor’s own policies on the subject. The governor has said that he opposes Obama Care and was even a party to the court challenge. He would most certainly say that he agrees with Tony Post that “a government takeover of health care is not what the doctor ordered”. What is beginning to be questioned is how these statements match up with Daugaard’s actions.

To date, the governor has accepted almost $7 million in federal funds for the sole purpose of setting up a health exchange system in South Dakota and implementing the federal health care mandate. He has already hired a staff of several full time employees for this purpose. Unlike several conservative governors around the country, Governor Daugaard is not standing against Obama Care, he is simply uttering disdain for a program to which he is holding open the door.

In the interest of holding Governor Daugaard accountable, The Life and Liberty Group has started an online petition to urge the governor to send back the remaining federal dollars and make a statement that South Dakota will not be forced into a federally imposed health care system (the petition can be accessed at www.sdlibertycaucus.com ). If the governor wants to be true to his words, his actions must match his rhetoric. If not, honesty with the voters of South Dakota needs to be his next policy.

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