Palestinian Aggression Will Never End

Bus from a terrorist attack (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Bus from a terrorist attack (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The suicidal euphemism to mask Israel’s gradual destruction is the “Two State Solution.” This abomination, along with the equally damning phrase, “land for peace,” has permitted a delusional belief that two states can live side by side in peace with each other. One state is Israel, a democratic nation. The other state would be “Palestine” an artificial creation and a terrorist entity supported by Iran that would live and breathe in relentless and genocidal aggression towards its neighbor, Israel.


For such a state to exist, that patently and demonstrably has no desire, because of its adherence to Islam, to ever give up its ambition to destroy the Jewish state and exterminate its population, will be the ultimate fatal error of any Israeli government.

It is national suicide and the very euphemism, “Two State Solution” echoes in its hideous similarity that other euphemism employed by Nazi Germany as it systematically exterminated six million Jews: The Final Solution.

Let me quote from words I wrote in one of the chapters of my book, Volume Three of “Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state”. “Even though the native and indigenous peoples of Israel are the Jews, and even though the Land of Israel was given to the Jewish people in an eternal covenant with G-d, it does not matter to Islam’s adherents, for wherever the Muslim foot has trod triumphal, that territory is forever regarded as Islamic.
If… territory is lost to Muslims, then Allah has been diminished and the land must be retaken. Peace, then, is merely a mirage in the desert sands.

“Too many world leaders fail to understand the Muslim mindset. Israeli leaders, who of all people should know better, still fall into the trap of believing that the Western model of lasting peace between nation states can equally apply in the Middle East between Muslim and non-Muslim nations. It is a fatal fallacy.”

And now, yet again, a U.S. Secretary of State has pushed for “peace talks” between Israel and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. Already Palestinian leaders are trumpeting that Secretary Kerry has promised them that their future borders will be based upon the pre-June 4, 1967 armistice lines. This would return the heavily populated parts of Israel to a border a mere 9 to 15 miles in width; the Auschwitz borders as Abba Eban called them. And what will be the fate of the Jewish population in much of Jerusalem?

As I have written before, even if Israel withdrew to just one downtown block in Tel Aviv, the Muslim Arabs would not be satisfied and continue endless war against it.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has denied any such promise by the Secretary of State to the Palestinians but we should remember that Kerry works at the pleasure of President Obama who in 2011 publicly endorsed the Palestinian position that their future border would indeed be based on the pre-1967 lines with “minor adjustments.”

There are persistent reports that Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, now demands, as a pre-condition for resuming talks, that some 100 terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands – the hardcore murderers and thugs – be released by Israel despite the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu has denied that such demands will be accepted. Yet, according to the The Blaze, “Israeli Minister Yuval Steinitz told Israel Radio, “There will be some release of prisoners,” adding that some of them would be “heavyweight.”

Israel, the one Jewish state, now finds itself after years of foolish concessions to an implacable Muslim and Arab foe, left with so little land and with a hostile Palestinian Authority occupying territory between the river and the sea in the very heartland of the Jewish people’s patrimony – Judea and Samaria – called by its Jordanian name: the West Bank.

Is it not time to finally terminate the endless concessions forced upon Israeli leaders by friends and foes alike and thus gain respect – albeit grudging respect? These pressures, including the current coercion by the Obama administration and the hateful steps employed by the European Union, have endangered Israel’s existence more than the combined military and terroristic Arab aggression against her since her reconstitution in 1948 as a Jewish state.

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