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The battle of worldviews was on full display this week. Consider just Tuesday and Thursday for a moment. Thursday was the 42nd anniversary of the wretched opinion of the Supreme’s to declare that a woman can hire a contract killer to murder the baby she is carrying in her own womb. The wicked opinion known as Roe v. Wade. The court claimed to protect not only the murderer, but the woman who hires that murderer from prosecution for the crime they commit. They may think they escaped from justice, but God’s Law is never overturned by benighted lawyers wearing black robes.

Then Tuesday was the sad teleprompter reading of hypocrisy known as the State of the Union. In that speech, the imposter said, “I want our actions to tell every child, in every neighborhood: your life matters” — really! What about the millions of unborn babies that are murdered by him for which the Creator will hold him personally accountable? Under his policies, from the moment he was first elected to the lowest public office, the life of every child has never mattered to him. Instead, his actions have told every child, in every womb: your life does not matter and I want you dead. I empower every woman to hire a contract killer to murder you. And I will protect the murderers and the women deciding to murder you in their womb and I will even pay for your murder in many, many cases. He is not the Commander in Chief, he is the murderer in chief.

Another gross hypocrisy in that speech was when the imposter touted his agenda of sodomite unmarriage. “I’ve seen something like gay marriage go from a wedge issue used to drive us apart to a story of freedom across our country.” A “story of freedom?” What a blatant lie. There is no freedom for the CEOs fired, or sportscasters, photographers, florists, bakers, business owners, magistrates, service members, educators, pastors, athletes, and actors who dared to challenge sodomite unmarriage. Many of them lost their jobs, there businesses and their homes as a wave of persecution has crashed across our land. Christian’s persecuted, many losing everything for simply stating what God’s Word says regarding marriage.

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The imposter is a consummate hypocrite. Sodomite unmarriage does not bring freedom. No it brings persecution, destruction and even death. What is good for Ameirca? “The research is conclusive: on every measure from criminal activity to academic achievement, to personal productivity and longevity, religious practice and an intact family produce the best results.”

What we are witnessing is a war of worldviews. On the one hand we have the Biblical worldview, which proclaims the Crown rights of King Jesus. He has all authority over every human civil government as Matthew 28 declares. True law is what He proclaims, not what some loud mouth imposter pro-ports to be law.

On the other side of the worldview war is the atheist, humanist, progressive who claims that certain human beings, not all humans, just certain select ones, because they are politically connected and possess an oversized ego, because they have no shame, have deadened their conscience and have no qualms about trampling down the God given rights of the people these chosen ones are the source of law, they are the elite who essentially are gods. In this battle of worldviews what has transpired is that the majority have been duped, they believe and follow these wicked human beings elevated to the status of deities; and it is not just in the White House that we see evidence of this shift, it is pervasive, it is at every level of society.

Now what is tragic to me in this war, is that the majority of those who have adopted this new way of thinking, who have gone over to the other side – making gods of the elite – would claim to be Christians. They attend church, the sing and pray and sit through sermons. If you asked them “Are you a Christian?” They would answer most surely yes! Yet in their thinking they have been converted to a different worldview, a non Christian world view.

Were you to ask them if they are disciples of Jesus Christ, however, they might have a puzzled look. They might ask, “What do you mean?” A disciple is one for whom Jesus Christ is Lord and Master in everything, not only in every area of life, but in every realm of thought. A disciple aims to make Jesus Christ the Master of every thought, word and deed. A disciple studies the Word of God not only to discover what God says about these very important things, he then conforms his thinking to God’s thoughts.

How about you?  Are you a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?

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