Out, Outraged…and Out-of-Line: The Homosexual Assault on Freedom

These bills rationalize injustice by pretending to defend something many of us hold dear. They go against the very principles our nation was founded on, and they have the potential to undo decades of progress toward greater equality. – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

fistI grew up in the South, where black people were denied many rights and freedoms guaranteed them, as citizens, under the Constitution.  With the Civil Rights Act and subsequent activism of the early and mid-60s and beyond, that situation was, thankfully, largely rectified.

That, along with the growing reality of a place called Viet Nam, was the social backdrop of my junior high and high school years.  During that time, of course, my interests turned increasingly to girls and the (elusive, to say the least) prospect of sex.  Somewhere along the sixth or seventh grade, I learned about homosexuality because a man near our community would sometimes proposition the older boys for sex, and we’d even heard that a couple had agreed to go with him, but then beat him up and stole his money.  We recognized his car, and I’d join the herd in yelling “Queer!” and other nasty comments when he’d drive by slowly as several of us walked down the street.

It was in the 70s, I think, when I first heard of any outspoken homosexuals, and their message was simply “Just leave us alone.”  Which, I have to admit, seemed a reasonable request, but didn’t give it much thought.  After my military service (where, of course, there were some stories about homosexual encounters, but I’d learned early on that you simply can’t believe young men when they talk about sex) I was married and had a child, went to work and to college, so I had far too many things on my plate to notice or take interest in homosexuals or their activities.  It seems the next thing I noticed about homosexuality, some had protested somewhere up north, only now instead of asking to be left alone, they were demanding to be left alone.

At some point in the 90s, I remember reading the phrase, “We’re queer, we’re here…deal with it!”, and thinking how much bolder homosexuals had become.  From that point until now, of course, the growing militancy and demands of the so-called “gay lobby” is well documented.  “Out of the closet” and into your face pretty much depicts the path they have followed, becoming increasingly strident and aggressive in their demands that their “rights” be protected.  So now they’re raising hell about the Indiana bill (and similar bills proposed in other states), claiming that it will “undo decades of progress towards greater equality,” as Mr. Cook wrote.

Before I offer my opinion on this, let me offer this disclaimer: I do NOT support demonizing or discriminating against homosexuals in any way; I do not think they should be subject to ridicule or humiliation or in any way mistreated because of their chosen sexual preference.

However, I do believe all this appropriation of the black Civil Rights movement is dishonest and deceitful, since the situation homosexuals face is not that faced by blacks in the last century.  First of all, their rights and freedoms as citizens are not being infringed.  Are homosexuals not allowed to vote?  Can they not buy housing where they choose to (and can afford)?  Are they denied employment because they’re homosexual?  While there may be some isolated incidents trotted forth, those are the exception and not the rule.  In short, homosexual citizens have every right and freedom that every other American citizen has; they already are protected, as citizens, under the Constitution.

So what is it that they seek?

They seek special rights and privileges, based not on their status as citizens of this country, but based on what they choose to do sexually!  I can find no references in history to a group that defined themselves by their sexual preference.  Did George Washington like the woman superior position?  Did Dr. King prefer doggie style?  Did Einstein enjoy threesomes?  We don’t know, nor should we know, nor do we want to know!  As “liberated” as people supposedly are, most of us prefer to keep our sexual activities private, where humans throughout history have deemed those activities should remain.  But not among homosexuals; no, they claim they’re entitled to special rights and freedoms that no one else has, simply based on what they choose to do sexually.

For example, this Indiana bill they’re railing about was aimed at ensuring that churches, for example, cannot be forced to employ a person living an openly homosexual lifestyle.  “But that’s abridging my freedoms!,” they claim.  What about the freedom and the right of the church pastor and members to live out their religious belief that homosexuality is abnormal human behavior…do they, then, have to give up their right to live out their religious beliefs?  According to homosexuals, the answer is “Yes.”

The homosexuals’ willingness…nay, their eagerness…to deprive other people of their rights and freedoms by their deliberate misuse of “equality” or “rights,” etc., reveals the true nature of this conflict.  They have discarded thousands of years of human history, which has always deemed homosexual behavior as outside the norm, if not deviant.  As such, while it should not incur attacks or penalties, it certainly should not be due special rights or protections.  And it most emphatically should not require other people (e.g., Christians) to give up their rights, just to accommodate what is an inherently self-centered and aberrant lifestyle.

We all make choices, and those choices all involved costs or one kind or another.  The real problem is that homosexuals want to choose what is, by any measure, a sexual lifestyle that is outside the societal norm, but they do not want to incur any costs for that choice.  Instead, they want all of human society to change their ways, their standards, their beliefs.  Only in a society that has so corrupted the idea of “equality” can such a petulant and childish endeavor be taken seriously.

When King Solomon was faced with the two women who both claimed to be the mother of a child, his decision was to cut the child in half.  But the real mother, who loved the child, gave up her claim and said, “No, give the child to her,” in order to save the child’s life.  Homosexuals are like the other woman: they’d see this society turned inside out and upside down, racked with dissent and discord, rather than suffer any inconvenience from their chosen sexual preference.  Demanding special rights and protections, special recognition for what they do in the bedroom is beyond ludicrous, and the on-going accommodation and kowtowing to this inherently self-absorbed, “to hell with everyone else” mentality should stop, once and for all.

Nobody’s saying to go back into the closet.  If you choose to be queer, then be queer, but stop demanding that the whole of society acknowledge that as normal, and please, stop trying to take away my freedoms just to validate your choice.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    Wrong, Paul. The Civil Rights Act DID NOT rectify anything. It just made new slaves.

  • Frank

    Thank you for this article. I think the major problem is that people do not realize that homosexuality is itself a religion that is based upon a belief that the source of creation in the universe is a ‘superior’ homosexual same-sex force, and that the advent of adam and eve is an ‘inferior’ construct of this force that is responsible for all the ills in this world. As a result, homosexuals celebrate the ‘superior force’ by worshiping it through erotic means, and this is nothing more than a religion that has copulation as its main source of ‘worship’.
    Since you cannot be born gay, homosexuality is a religion, plain and simple. They don’t want to be classified as a religion, because then their ‘educational’ activities will instead be acknoledged to be religious prosthelyzaton and they will lose their ability to preach their message to children. Since they know that the only way they can gain adherents is to target children, they also know that if their ability to target children is removed, that they will be stuck with a relative inability to recruit adherents as most people who achieve heterosexuality are thus repulsed by the very thought of homosexuality because they understand the purpose of the genitals and cannot be convinced to change.